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Geez, I volunteer @ a hospital where I have seem more than my share of ugly scrubs! Interested to know what's the ugliest you have seen out there. I have 2 that come to mind: (1) NASCAR race cars .. everywhere, ugh! (2) A... Read More

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    Quote from jerenemarie
    I worked with a CNA who was wearing white pants with NO underwear pubic hair out there for all to see, ewwwww; I had to have her go to the "mall" in our facility to find some unclaimed white underwear to wear for the rest of the shift.
    Another time a CNA was wearing underwear with Garfield the cat imprinted on front, very visible under her white pants but at least this was better than pubic hair hanging out, LOL!
    I myself have seen too many transparent scrub pants.
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    Quote from murphyle
    Saw another standout set in the cafeteria the other day. Peds is the only department in my hospital where personnel aren't color coded, and this young lady had some real winners on: VERY low-cut white, kelly green and fuchsia geometric print shirt, forest green and mustard yellow swirl print low-rider pants. Combine that with her exposed "muffin top" and... won't someone please think of the children?!?
    I didn't know they made printed scrub pants.
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    At the facility where I work we gave the staff an option of colors to wear since 4,500 pt's. petitioned that nurses should wear a different color of scrubs from housekeeping. The RN's decided on black with a white stripe going from the shoulders to the end of the sleeves...they love the black because it makes them look slimmer , the LPN's decided to go with Turquoise with the same stripe, the CNA's,NA's & MA's wear brown, the other techs wear dark wine color, and housekeeping still wears Gray. BTW we gave each employee 5 new scrubs to begin with. All scrubs are solid in color, the pt.'s love it. Moreover, when the nurses want to put heir own style to the scrubs during holidays the use pins and everyone is happy
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    Years ago, at a LTC facility I worked at, they got the bright idea for ALL staff, to wear the same wasn't even scrubs...we had to wear khaki colored pants and maroon polo tops with the company name over the was hideous and we had no pockets!! All the cna's, nurses, housekeepers, and dietary had to wear this. It didn't last too long, thank goodness!
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    I think I would have quit over that uniform.
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    I used to work with a girl who thought it was cool to wear colored underwear under her white uniform pants that coordinated with the current holiday and she couldn't understand why we all didn't want to do it.
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    CAMO!!! any color(s)... the strangest one I think Ive ever seen was a brightly colored print depicting Jesus with a huge grin and his head slightly backwards... We called it "the laughing jesus".
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    Quote from SCSTxRN
    I think I would have quit over that uniform.
    And in 2010, I guarantee you there would be 800 nurses vying to replace you who would be happy to wear it
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    We wear our own scrubs, but the style and color is discussed and agreed upon by the staff, purchased by the company, and then we pay for our issue over a 3-6 month period, so our scrubs are quite nice. But OH, the poor doctors!
    They have the following choices: Mid to dark green; FORMERLY mid to dark green but which has been washed to pastel green, torn in a few places and patched with different colors; Light blue but so thin you can almost see the family jewels; and never think the poor guys can ever find a top and a pants to match!
    The sizing is way out as well. XXL will barely fit a guy with a size 34 waist, and many of the tops are so short they expose the navels. The pants are either so huge they would fit a heavily pregnant giantess, or end just below the calf! I've seen some pretty hilarious combinations parading around our theater... One of the most memorable, though, was when a real hunk of a doctor put on a top that was ripped from just below the armpit to just above the bottom seam. We found excuses to walk past him just so we could get a good side-on look...
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    ugliest? our pinning ceremony uniforms. we had to wear all white. we all looked like marshmallows. it was horrible

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