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rkitty198 has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med Surge, Tele, Oncology, Wound Care.

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  1. rkitty198

    D50 amps

    Oh that's funny! No cookies for you!
  2. rkitty198

    D50 amps

    I love the specifics of the policy that helps, except the juice and cookies! Geeze. No complex carbs or protein in that. Peanut butter or protein powder added to the juice? That sounds like a quick way to up the glucose but a quick way to drop shortly after.
  3. rkitty198

    D50 amps

    Must be a case of patients metabolic needs outweighing the food/insulin ratio.
  4. rkitty198

    D50 amps

    I do know d50 is not long acting, an hour at most. Regular peaks at 1.5 to 2 hrs. Did the patient eat? Could they eat? I think the langue dose needed to be looked at as well as omitting the regular insulin dose. I wonder if she gave the insulin before/after the sugar check?
  5. rkitty198

    D50 amps

    Probably should have been on some sort of a dextrose drip after one amp. I would have called the doctor if the one didnt work since I have never had to give more than one in 11 years as an RN.
  6. rkitty198

    D50 amps

    I have never seen a patient require more than one. If it still continues to drop there must have been an overdose of some fast acting insulin given. Sugars don't just continue to drop on their own unless a fast acting insulin was given. Or these amps were given over a period of a long term and sugars were checked over a long period as well. Insulin given exongenous can result in this rapid drops of sugars and will need treatment like this.
  7. rkitty198

    How do you handle rude comments?

    "Will she be flat as a board?" I would respond "well yes, just like your chest" The sugar comment "does she eat a lot of sugar?" "Yes, sugar can cause cancer just as your crap comments lead to your nasty personality" "You don't remember my mom has stomach cancer? Mmm I am worried that your dementia is progressing." I say these things to myself for the amusement factor, it helps me to deal with people
  8. rkitty198

    Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work?

    We are talking about the legal rights of women who pump at work, but what about the legal rights to standard lunch and breaks? I watch your patients while you pump and you watch mine while I take a break. It's called teamwork- no resentment however, it sounds like some of these nurses are taking advantage and not reciprocating. At that point I think the manager should get involved, because ultimately it is the employers duty to give the nursing mother the time not the staffs responsibility.
  9. rkitty198

    LGBTQ Patient Care?

    Thank you for including them!!!
  10. rkitty198

    What do you like most about your specialty?

    Like in what way? I have never asked the ED for anything and I work PCU/MED/SURG/ONC and now do one day a week wound care I LOVE the varied things I get to do. The multitude of conditions. Some people see an adorable baby in a stroller and say "how adorable is that baby!" As they make kissy faces. Well personally I see a patient who is 80 and up and say "how adorable are they!" The older the patient is the better! i also started doing wound care once a week. It's so fun being a part of a speciality that dr's rely on YOU for your knowledge. It's very rewarding seeing a wound change and heal over time.
  11. rkitty198

    Day in the life of a RN

    Can I like the above a million times over?
  12. rkitty198

    LGBTQ Patient Care?

    I am an ally. As an RN I want to be sensitive and use the right language and approach without screwing it all up and offending someone. Would it be okay to tell a patient straightaway that I am an ally and if I say something wrong to please correct me? I really am trying to educate myself. I wish there was a course I could take for sensitivity training. Although I don't see why we should need it really because we are all people and have feelings, but more on how to help co workers be sensitive, etc. if anyone has info let me know!
  13. rkitty198

    Falsified a Blood Sugar

    Not to dig the knife deeper, why didn't you just check the blood sugar at the end of the shift? Sure it was very late, better late than never. You learned your lesson. The only way the board will find out is if your employer tells them. They probably won't, the firing is probabaly punishment enough, unless you live in Texas
  14. rkitty198

    Urgent: Need IV Certification for RN in Bay Area

    You don't need IV certification, what you want is a practice/refresher course? If so you just practice on site. Practice during your orientation, out on the floor.
  15. rkitty198

    May the Nurse's Force Be With You

    I had a male patient in his late 40's who started to pace around the room, he was sweating. I asked him if he would sit down because I started to worry. He sat down, picked up his phone and called his mom. He had his mom talk him through the "shot" which ended up taking several minutes before I could even administer it!
  16. rkitty198

    This person outranks me?!

    You cannot accept a sputum sample collection with partially digested food.

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