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  1. rkitty198

    Do you feel society is in denial about the nursing field?

    I worked in el paso for 3 years- plenty of jobs.
  2. rkitty198

    Why am I now the enemy?

    It does suck to get an admit that has been down in the ED with feces crusted on their skin, urine dripping down their legs who have been in the ED for over 12 hours. The patient I got last week was like this. A little elderly man who was incontinent because he had probable norovirus. Poor guy was in need of a bath, hungry and in pain. I am sorry if I get mad about that and take it out on you (to the sending ED nurse). But who else do I blame? The patient? I can always blame management but we all know that gets us no further to a resolution. It's one of those things that it happens to us floor nurses once and we blame the ED nurse every time I thank you for cleaning up that patient, but if I don't show it to you I am sorry. It is a thankless job even from our own kind.
  3. rkitty198

    How do I get a new job after being fired?

    I got out late on mothers day and missed 30 minutes with my son before he went to bed because the oncoming shift nurse was late. It isn't fair to your co-workers to pay for your tardiness. This might haunt you, especially in today's job market. Some human resource departments are only allowed to give the dates of employment and if the person would be eligible for rehire. You can call the HR where you were fired and ask them what they plan to say upon your new interview. I would call and be anonymous. That way you can plan on what you wish to share with the new facility about the issue.
  4. rkitty198

    When do I contact the BON?

    I was told 10 days after you have your name legally changed. I have been married 10 years and never had it changed- too much of a hassle.
  5. rkitty198

    MD orders no external monitor on Pt w/ preterm contractions

    In a case where mom with preterm contractions, md gave phone order to not continue monitoring because pt was stable. However through the night mom ended up losing baby. Despite an order- for which the md then denied, but luckily the charge took the order. Would a prudent nurse leave the monitor on? It is the only way to assess baby. It was deemed that the md went for review, Despite an order it is still the prudent judgement of the nurse to monitor- no harm to mom or baby to monitor. Your situation is different, however you did the right thing. I would do what you did and take that order up to someone other than yourself and even have an ethics review. Say something happens to the baby? I cannot believe how reckless that order is. I don't do OB, this case was discussed between an OB friend and myself and I was told made some sort of headlines.
  6. rkitty198

    Discharge presentation for a 12-month old

    A discharge presentation is your assessment of the patient, risk factors and plan of care. Everything you plan to do for this family so that they don't return back to the hospital. It is your entire nursing plan of care- from start to finish. If you look at each issue with say DAR - data, action, reassess.
  7. rkitty198

    Discharge presentation for a 12-month old

    You said mom breastfed until she became ill. Is mom still sick? Is mom healthy? Look into ways to help mom with primary care. Dad, he smokes, and you may not get him to stop. You can always suggest he smoke outside the house- telling someone to quit smoking when they are against modern medicine may only anger him- and place blame on him for theo's health. You stated the ear issue is not clearing with antibiotics? Well did mom have theo finish taking them? Did they even fill the script? I would also plan in the discharge something that includes primary prevention- vitamins, flouride, vaccines. Maybe even a home health assessment.
  8. Since this bothered your friend and it clearly made her feel uncomfortable, then yes she should report it to the office manager.
  9. rkitty198

    I feel so bad.

    I don't see why you would give a two week notice while on orientation. I would think it would be a waste of the facilities money to keep you on and train you for 2 weeks just to have you leave. It won't make you appear any better of an employee to give a notice. There was a reason you left and applied for this new job. The grass may not be greener on the other side. I am sure your old employer is taking note of your job ethics- new job on a leave, asking to come back to them after starting at the new facility. I don't think you are going to get off that easy, they may not make it a nice experience when you go back. Be prepared for that.
  10. rkitty198

    Local anesthetic lasts for 3 days

    Interesting. When I get patients that return from surgery, say a lap hernia repair, they will inject a local at the site. Even with the local, the pain is usually deeper, and the local dosen't seem to hold much pain control. With my ACL repair the local anesthetic was amazing. I could tell right when it wore off- it would have been nice to have something last longer that is for sure. I think that this is great with certain surgeries, not all.
  11. rkitty198

    questions for L&D nurses from a pregnant nurse :)

    I had a baby 8 months ago. I had a birthplan, but the birth had a plan of it's own. I understand wanting to plan your experience, I had this amazing plan. I had to learn to let go of my nature to control things. I had hypertension and was placed on mag, had variable decels, ended up with an epidural, ect. Just remember that the ultimate goal of a birthplan is a healthy baby! I became depressed about the delivery and finally I have started to let it go. I hope you don't think I am being a Debbie downer, I just don't want anyone to feel as depressed as I was about the experience. I kept replaying the delivery in my head thinking "what could I have done to not need that epidural?" I now know I am a strong woman with a beautiful baby! I love my son so much. I wish you and your family a wonderful experience with your soon to be baby! Happy mothers day! Give that little one a million kisses when they arrive!
  12. rkitty198

    can they say I was terminated?

    I worked HR and all we were allowed to ask is dates employed and if they were eligible for rehire.
  13. rkitty198

    No boundaries with staff

    What is it that the staff complains about? Have them form a committee to develop a plan for change within their practice with your support. We wanted the CNA staff to give better reporting to eachother. So we got together and formed a sheet that they can use for reports, with their input. It got to the point where we all complained how so and so didn't check blood sugars because the prior shift didn't "tell them." Since this new report sheet was developed this problem is no longer an issue. Your staff comes in to have a tattle session, have them do something about it. You are there to facilitate a way to problem solve, not to solve all problems with staff.
  14. rkitty198

    I almost had an unnecessary procedure performed

    Wow! That is really awful. I would have been ******. Reminds me of picking up my prescription from the pharmacy and everything on the bottle was right except that I knew I was not prescribed effexor. They had the wrong drug entered for me. I was in nursing school at the time, as before I wouldn't have paid attention and probably would have taken it. Mistakes happen, that is why, as a patient, we need to be our own advocates for ourselvs and our families.
  15. rkitty198

    Methotrexate in an OB setting

    Not just any gown and gloves, we use NIOSH recommended gown and gloves and proper chemotherapy disposal buckets. Our facility requires you to be chemo certified to give it. The previous facility I worked in had no standards for protection when given this drug that I knew of.