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Geez, I volunteer @ a hospital where I have seem more than my share of ugly scrubs! Interested to know what's the ugliest you have seen out there. I have 2 that come to mind: (1) NASCAR race cars... Read More

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    Hopefully some people will learn!

    The top 5 scrubs fashion blunders:

    6 dos & don’ts for putting together great scrubs outfits:
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    I hate bright orange scrubs. They look like a jail jump suit!
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    I can't stand the huge Flower prints or the 3 million animal Zoo print, even if you work in Peds. The huge Flower print looks like Laura Ashley threw-up all over the place, and the Zoo print looks like they about to attack you that's what one 5yr. old told his mother on my facility. Try to tone down the prints especially if you're over weight.
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    I worked with an old "hippy" kind of nurse, who didn't wear underpants under his scrubs, I found this out when he was performing CPR and his scrubs came untied (string caught on the bedrail) and down they came! (Roomful of people all saw more than they bargained for)
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    I hate the demin-look scrubs... do you wear denim head to toe outside of work? Ugghh.
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    Mushrooms4, Thank you for the virtual picture Yuck!, however, I know about one respiratory therapist that likes to go Commando, until several patients complaint. Although now he wears red underwear to proof a point I guess.
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    The scrubs themselves were cute, but not on this nurse! This nurse is really overweight and her scrub top was just a little too short...needless to say, you could totally see her foopah sticking out at the bottom!!
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    Quote from Paco69
    Perfect example of what I am talking about, non-peds ... I call this a scrubs FAIL. Sorry for the blurry image, it's zoomed in and lost a lot of resolution but you get the idea of what the design is. The background color is poop brown (not the "nice" brown someone described previously), and bottoms are black!

    wow, that scrub top looked like something from a bad acid trip.... or Fantasia! lol
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    A distribution person who wears a scrub top with high rise elastic waisted jeans.
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