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myk_RN has 4 years experience and specializes in Medical Surgical.

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  1. myk_RN

    Are 12 hour shifts going extinct?

    My hospital does a mix of 12 and 8, depending on the ward. I work at Med-Surg and our head nurse has tried to go with 12 hr shift but the senior nurses, who always works the 7-3 shift, vote against it. I'm okay working 8 hr. graveyard shifts but Id like to try the 12's and have more days off.
  2. myk_RN

    New name for nurses who are men

    When I was in College, almost half of our BSN class (about 12) were males. We called each other "FOCKERS" from the ben Stiller movie "Meet the Parents"
  3. myk_RN

    What was the lowest diastolic bp you have seen?

    ahhh! you beat me to it! ok, seriously... lowest one I've seen while a patient is still awake and talking is in the 40's
  4. myk_RN

    Tell me your favorite things about being an RN!

    If I have time and whenever I can, I always make an effort to push my patients by wheelchair out into the front door when they get discharged. I'm talking about patients that I've taken care of for a few days and have come to know. I like seeing patients going home in a much better condition than when they came in.
  5. myk_RN

    Job opportunities, thinking of relocating.

    could you give me links/websites to where i can do that? thanks.
  6. myk_RN

    Job opportunities, thinking of relocating.

    Thanks for the replies. We will be taking a vacation in September...to visit friends in Hawaii, Cali, Virginia, Maryland and NY. We'll see how that goes. I would say that Guam is a smaller version of Hawaii. Pay is not so good here but RN jobs are easy to find here. About $40K for starting RN. Our hospitals do get some travelling nurses in the ICU and ER departments. They do get pretty good pay though. As for weather....hot and humid (much warmer than Hawaii). Mid 80's at night... mid to high 90's in the day time. We only have 2 seasons... rainy season and summer.
  7. myk_RN

    Job opportunities, thinking of relocating.

    I don't think I'm considered a "new grad" or am I? What's 5 years of floor experience?
  8. Hi all, I'm a RN with BSN degree and have 5 years of Medical Surgical floor experience. I'm currently working on my Med-Surg certification. My GF is a RN/BSN as well with 6 years of Telemetry/PCU floor experience. She went to nursing school in Virginia and got her BSN at George Mason Univ. Worked her 1st 4 years in VA until she moved back here to Guam in 2009. We currently live and work in Guam, a tiny island with about 170,000 people. We work at the only civilian and government run hospital here. (The other hospital is a US Navy Hospital). In about 3 years, there will be a brand new private run hospital opening up here. I thought of living and working here for the rest of my life but lately, we've been thinking about relocating stateside due to many reasons. I need some info on how the job market is for RN's with our experience level in the states. We're looking at possibly Hawaii, California (southern), Las Vegas, Virginia, Maryland. Thanks in advance.
  9. myk_RN

    Refusing Patients' Requests: Can it be done?

    Ignoring the call bell is a NO-NO. But like whats been mentioned before, you can tell your patient that you wouldn't do petty things that they can do on their own. (in a good way of course) Now, about the non-medical related requests, it really depends. As long as I'm not busy and the request is valid enough for me, I don't mind. A few examples of valid requests I can think of are back scratching, making a phone call, buying magazines/newspaper, buying a prepaid phone card, etc...
  10. myk_RN

    'Just a med/surg nurse'

    Med-Surg nurse here! going on 4 years and I'm enjoying it. I've done ED and it wasnt for me. I havent tried ICU but I don't see that I'll like it much.
  11. myk_RN

    Debate: 8-hour shifts vs. 12-hour shifts

    Our unit supervisor has been pondering to transfer into the 12 hr. sched. There are already some units in our hospital doing it. (They do 6 12hr shifts and 1 8hr every 2 weeks.) However, when she had the staff voting for it, many of the older (senior nurses) who are almost always in the 0700-1500 shift voted NO. So it was a no go. I really agree with what sameyjaney said above. It really depends with what you do with your time off. I work 8hr graveyard shifts and I can get more done this way, rather than having more days off. Go work, get off at 0730, do some errands, go gym, relax for a couple of hours and sleep at around 1500-1600. I don't think I would have the energy to do many of those things after getting out of a 12 hour shift.
  12. They have crocs models that are closed toes and with heel backs.
  13. myk_RN

    Is being a Male nurse weird?

    There were 25 of us in my BSN graduating class and 12 of us were males. I work on the MS floor now with about 50 RN's, 1/4 of them are males, and 2 are gay. I'm seeing more and more male nursing students now when they do their rotation on our floor. As for the "tribe of men" comment . . . . I don't see it in our hospital. Although I've become good friends with my male coworkers, 3 of which I went to nursing school with.