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I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name... Read More

  1. by   Hygiene Queen
    I always watch the elderly.
    I look to see how steady their gait is and can't shake the feeling I'm responsible to keep the unsteady ones from falling.
    Obviously, I'm not responsible for anyone at Walmart and I've never witnessed a fall, outside of work, but I can't help it.
    I also look to see if I can tell if they're wearing dentures or briefs.
    I have noooo clue why... I guess it just whiles away the time in a long check-out line.

    I carry keys at work for our locked ward.
    I often reach for my keys as I approach doors at home. It's annoying.
  2. by   Ciale
    Quote from tencat
    I, too, admire veins....

    Every time I see a smoker I think: Job security. (I work hospice)

    When I see an old, decrepit person in Wal-Mart I have the urge to hand him/her a hospice of our marketers DID go to K-Mart once and do just that made many folks call to complain, however....
    HAHAHAHA you rock.
  3. by   lamazeteacher
    Quote from preemielove80
    and personally, i've had multiple surgeries and am a hard iv stick, myself. i can only have ivs in my right arm, because i had breast cancer on the left side. my oncologist will not allow people to draw lab. or start an iv in my left arm.
    the recommendation to avoid trauma to the affected side after breast cancer surgery with removal of as many lymph nodes as possible, is due to the possibility that infection might occur, and if so it could be more likely to become much worse without normal lymph flow. i've had bilateral breast cancer, (over 30 years ago) with modified mastectomies, and obviously when blood needs to be drawn, either arm's veins are accessed.

    unless i drink at least a glass of water a half hour before it and apply warm packs to both arms, i've had multiple sticks without success, as the years flew by. painful, so i use lamaze breathing techniques. i've also had other surgeries, with iv therapy; and an infection in the arm used for blood draws or ivs or transfusions, has never happened.

    right arm before they stick me or draw lab., because my veins collapse easily. many of them refuse to do this simple thing. i wonder why? warming vasodilates veins. i always warm the extremity i'm going to stick prior to starting a difficult iv.
    no phlebotomist has ever told me they wouldn't give me warm packs. if one did, i'd write a report on them!
    maybe the financial crunch affects the availability of the things...... so offer to bring your own.... and ask for a different phlebotomist. whoever refuses an aid for getting a vein the first time, must enjoy probing and doing multiple sticks - pheh!
  4. by   Bandaide
    You can make your own warm pack by filling a large glove with warm water. Make 3 or 4 and lay them along your arm. Get your nurse/cna to give you a heads up when phlebotomy is a few rooms away.
  5. by   raina08
    Quote from sairin8
    I've knocked on the door to go outside.
    HAHAHA me too and while entering my own room.
  6. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I've signed reciepts and credit card slips with "RN".
  7. by   catshowlady
    Quote from vegas2009
    Question on anyone who admires veins:

    Why would anyone admire veins? Is it just because of the IV thing or are there any other reasons, besides this? OR ---

    Is everyone admiring them, just being cynical?

    What's there to admire in veins? I have them, I don't like them... If I can magically get rid of them, I will seek the magic... lol.
    For me, it's the IV thing. ICU nurses are obsessed with lots of access. We had a pt once that wound up with 2 triples and a PICC - now THAT's IV access!

    For all my pts, unless they have a triple, I scope out their veins during assessment in case I lose an IV, so I know where I might go to restart.

    It becomes such a habit, you wind up looking for veins on every hand/arm you see, in case you need....more access!

  8. by   GHGoonette
    Quote from vegas2009
    Question on anyone who admires veins:

    Why would anyone admire veins? Is it just because of the IV thing or are there any other reasons, besides this? OR ---

    Is everyone admiring them, just being cynical?

    What's there to admire in veins? I have them, I don't like them... If I can magically get rid of them, I will seek the magic... lol.
    I really don't mind anyone anyone looking at my hands and admiring the veins. They may also look at my arms and admire those veins. But NOBODY gets to look at the road maps on my LEGS!

    Hey Vegas, you ever find that magic, you throw me some, you hear?
  9. by   robby5313
    Quote from canesdukegirl
    Oh yeah, I sign my name with RN at the end! I used to knock on the doors at my house before entering a room. I look at someone with an unsteady gait and run through a list of diagnoses. I wash my hands all the way up to the elbows. I look at scars on people and can tell immediately what kind of surgery they had. I inspect my dog's poop (the neighbors think this is weird, but my husband is a paramedic, and he asks me for a detailed description). I bring alcohol pads with me to the movies to wipe down the 3D glasses. I have to stop short of autoclaving my shoes after a particularly bloody case. I use military time. When I am eating string cheese, I open it like a sterile package. When it snows, I wonder how many gamma nails I will be doing on old ladies that were bound and determined to walk down the steeply graded driveway to get the mail. When I hear a helicopter, I wonder if I will be doing transplants or traumas when I get to work.
    That is funny about the string cheese thing.....I do that too!
  10. by   robby5313
    Quote from aeonflux40
    I admire veins in public

    I have signed RN after my name many times [possibly bc of the fact that I am so proud of my job]

    I critique CPR I see on TV/in movies [has anyone seen "Misery"?]

    While watching an old South Park episode recently, the doctor said he needed sodium pentathol and potassium chloride-2 ingredients used during lethal injection. I'm sure they meant to be silly, but I still pointed this out to my friends.

    When asking my friends for something urgent, I say "STAT" instead of ASAP

    Also, while watching TV/movies, when they mention a particular drug, I say out loud, "Oh, that's used for blah blah blah." which can really annoy some ppl.

    I always critique medical shows and it drives my husband crazy! I also "diagnose" people in the store! (although not to them!)
  11. by   lovingtheunloved
    Knocking on doors at home (I live alone)

    I totally do the RN thing at the end of my name...I hate that 'cause it makes me look like a rookie.

    Putting my car keys in my invisible scrub pockets and having them crash to the floor.

    When they stopped having regular mint syrup at Starbucks, I thought, "Oh man, they DC'd the mint." Just barely kept myself from saying it out loud.

    Playing "Guess The Dx" in the line at Wal-Mart

    Using my pen light to find stuff under the couch

    Veins...I love veins.

    Playing "Dodge The Families" in the grocery store.
  12. by   sharpeimom
    i use a penlight to check under the fridge, bed, couches, etc.
    pick up hairballs with a hemastat.
    knock on doors before entering.
    find myself explaining procedures before i begin with the cats and the dog.
    i'm my cousin who has rapidly advancing ms's main support network (her husband is in denial) and i talk to her sometimes, as though she has a nursing degree too. i try hard not to do it, but sometimes
    it just slipsout when we talk about her meds or neuro appt.
  13. by   franciscangypsy
    Quote from tvccrn
    I inspect veins

    I holler at medical shows on TV

    I have answered my phone, "ICU, this is tvccrn, how may I help you?"

    I hear beeps in the night and wake up looking for the IV pump
    Yup, Yup, Yup. (Except I work Med Tele!)

    My Dad told me to not talk during HOUSE today b/c I was trying to diagnose the prob with House & team. So I stopped verbalizing it & just had the conversation with them in my head.

    I'm sure House & Co could have benefited from my input!

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