Charting Bloopers - page 11

Found in the History and Physical section of a patient's chart who had experienced visual hallucinations while ill: "Patient vehemently denies any auditory, tactile, or old factory hallucinations." YIKES! Angela... Read More

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    Found on a Progress Note:
    55 yr m admitted with signs of chest pain. Pleasant to speak with. Family aware of status. Patient states that chest pain occured while his wife was on him having dinner.
    Cardiac protocol taken.
    *** found on drs orders same patient****
    D/c viagra.
    We had such a good time with this one..

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  2. 4
    One of my classmates had to correct her note after she accidentily wrote "pt ate 50% of lung"
    Wouldn't that be a site to see!!!

    These are wonderful but make me wonder what oddball things I've written! Oh well maybe someone will get a laugh out of me!

  3. 3
    One of my personal favorites: "Pt unconscious and complaining of leg pain". How'd he do that?

    But then, I've written weird things too, especially when someone interupts me midthought an hour after my shift has ended.

  4. 2
    Once I accidentally charted "pedal pulses present" and "pedal pushes palpable" in haste. The following shift another nurse who is quite notorious for copying rather than performing assessments charted the exact same thing. I found it quite amusing to see in her notes.
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    I don't suppose this is an error but it was definitely different:

    on the results from a UA
    traces of talcum powder
  6. 11
    The secretaries taking messages, more than once wrote:
    Worried about Billy Rubin.
    Yeah, He's a scary dude...
  7. 6
    From a radiology order form: "CXR r/o Aplat's pneumonia"

    Should have read: "CXR AP/LAT r/o pneumonia"....we only figured this out after trying to look up "Aplat's pneumonia" in several radiology texts and reference manuals.
  8. 6
    ".....Problems stemming from being an illegitimate child, due to the social MORAYS of the time..........." They really used to bite!
  9. 4
    Here's one I saw today.
    "Minor is 18 years old"
    This was the probation depts way of letting me know a change occured.....Thanx,need to know!
  10. 9
    The most recent funny charting transcription error I've come across was regarding Home O2.
    The first one I read said "patient is on homo too"...The secomd one read"patient is a homo too". Wonder what the person who transcribed that dictation thought that was all about??LOL Esp since the rest of the dictation referred to the pts resp status!
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