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Found in the History and Physical section of a patient's chart who had experienced visual hallucinations while ill: "Patient vehemently denies any auditory, tactile, or old factory hallucinations." YIKES! Angela... Read More

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    had a res come from the va hosp so him and his wife could be together. his wife was a real PITA and never liked to get outta bed and gave everyone a hard time.

    the husbands dc summery stated:

    this res wishes to be dc'ed to ltc to be with wife, as i have known this couple for a long time i do not recommend this move.

    guess he's had several run ins with this lady LOL

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    We had computer charting where I used to work and I hit submit without reading my entry first. I am an OB nurse. It partially read " O2 remains on FOB at bedside. Report to oncoming sh*t. Forgot a comma before FOB and an "f" in the last word. Now it is on record forever :-I
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    How about this one......

    pt has not passed urine post-op, MD notified of same. IDC remains insitu, patent and draining well.

    And yes, the two sentences flowed one after the other in the chart.
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    Found in one of Docs order
    "Transfer patient to ICU.
    Run IV as fast as you can."

    he, he, I hope IV is not the nurse.
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    I caught myself in time to correct this lil gem:

    "Pt. is a/o X3, cooperative with care, pleasant, SOB."
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    Or this one, from a pt's H&P

    "Pt also has heparin B"
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    I work in a busy surgical ICU and a FELLOW (5th year resident), ordered.... Tylenol 650mg IV q4-6hours prn.
    I asked the doc, if he wanted me to titrate to fevers.
    my co-workers still laugh at it today. I only wished I saved a copy of the actual order.
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    Had a patient the other day admitted with Internal opposed to external?
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    OMG I am laughing soooo hard, I have tears flowing down my cheeks!!! This was a much needed laugh!!!
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    these were great.....good to know you all have the warped sense of humor to survive in this profession!!! Keep 'em coming!!!
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