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It's good to have an outlet you can spill your feelings about finding a job and struggling being unemployed. Got my CA RN license in Jan2011 and trying to land a RN job anywhere. Passed hundreds of applications online which... Read More

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    Well that's what I like about nursing - That there are SO many different options and so many different places we can go, but I think we all have drilled in our heads that we have to start off in a hospital setting. I think that's what makes it even more difficult! What are you opinions on that?

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    If companies are simply just not hiring, then there isn't a thing you can do about it.
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    Campy, the thing is that even though a lot of us know how broad the nursing field is and may not want to start in JUST a hospital setting - the alternative employers outside of a hospital setting usually create barriers to newer nurses by stating that minimum experience is required. It's a difficult lose-lose situation, unless you can find that small spec of WIN and snag it as quick as possible.
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    I just wanted to say...you will find a job! don't give up!

    Believe me when I say I know you probably want to throw rocks at me right now through your computer monitor. I heard it all, too, even from my own mother. From "Why don't you just find ANY job and gain experience while you wait..." to "Don't worry, it'll happen for you soon!"

    "don't worry" and "soon" began to encite anger and frustration from the pit of my soul.

    I got my license in Jan 2011 and graduated with a BSN in June 2011. After MONTHS of applying and receiving rejection letters, I finally got an offer and will start next month in the NICU at LLU Children's...13 months after becoming licensed to work as an RN in CA. I understand CA, especially Southern CA is the most saturated region but I refused to settle. I would hear news of my classmates all landing their own dream jobs one by one and would wonder what I was doing wrong. BUT I was determined to land my dream job no matter what it took. Between graduating (and losing my financial aid) to now, I worked part time as a secretary hoping to finally gain access on the unit as a nurse. I was rejected from the very hospital that hired me as well as the 13 other hospitals in the area, 4 of which I interviewed for. I went through 2 rounds of new grad applications -6 months apart- for an RN residency in pediatrics...rejection after rejection. It really wears you down...I KNOW. But whatever road you take to get to where you want to be, be optimistic and keep trying. It will only taste that much sweeter when you finally land that coveted job.

    GOOD LUCK to everyone out there!!
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    Yeah, I'm in a similar boat.. Been trying to get a position at a local Medical Partnership, at a pediatric clinic. I hope it goes through! I submitted online app, called and informed them that fax was coming in, faxed all the info I already submitted online, except I also was able to attach 3 crucial reference letters this way, and called and left message following up to confirm receipt of fax. I got voicemail the whole time, no one actually answered me, but I'm hoping HR gets back to me. I KNOW they got my information, but getting back to me even to CONFIRM seems to be a huge deal. We'll see what happens!
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    Quote from lilcampy310
    Well that's what I like about nursing - That there are SO many different options and so many different places we can go, but I think we all have drilled in our heads that we have to start off in a hospital setting. I think that's what makes it even more difficult! What are you opinions on that?
    Well why don't you fill us in?
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    Quote from rebelgirl#1

    Check out USAJOBS.GOV. I am in AR and we are still short 3 nurses at our site. Not too many people want to come to corrections. But is fun and good experience.
    Hi rebelgirl#1 - I am in AR. I haven't seen anything for new grads on USAJOBS.GOV. However, I realize I am seeing this post very much after the fact.

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    In all honesty, the best way to get a job is to be in people's face. Go to your local areas of interest, drop of resume's, set up appointments, follow-up yourself, don't wait for responses, and literally bust your way through. It works. What doesn't work is web-sites offering tons of jobs.. They are all an evaluation of general demand and very depersonalized, not to mention the fact that they are up for months at a time, so when the applicant pool is filled they choose the one THEY THINK is best, just judging by paper.. and no prior face:face contact or even a phone conversation.
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    I heard from inside sources that hospitals are not exactly hurting right now. Some in my area have shown record profits, even though they are "non profit" (go figure). What I think is happening and don't quote me on that one, is that they are kind of betting the economy is not going to get better. In order to come up with record profits for the shareholders they look for cuts into everything including nurses benefits, training programs for new nurses, and others. Fine. If the economy keeps getting worse they are doing well because they will be able to grill retiring age nurses until they are 95 or 100; but if they are wrong and the economy is getting better, patients will come in in droves and old nurses and burned out nurses will leave in droves. Bottom line is don't plan getting sick in a few years and have new grad nurses with no experience taking care of you, it might not be good for your health.
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    Has anyone who has posted on this thread recently gotten a job? I would love to hear some good outcomes! It can all be so discouraging! It's easier to stay optimistic when others are in the same situation, and eventually come out with jobs!!

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