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I Am ReadyRN has 9 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Ortho, Med-Surg, Tele, Case Management.

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  1. Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    I agree, it is refreshing to hear a neutral response on here that is covid vaccine related. I'm vaccinated myself, but I've also been on both sides. Honestly all the negativity, bullying and judgmental comments on this topic I'm seeing on AllNu...
  2. That's understandable, Upstate NY in general has a much lower cost of living than the NYC Metro area. It's crazy that it doesn't matter how much money one makes, if the cost of living is too high it can feel like you're just barely making it. It...
  3. I'm sorry, $11,000-13,000 a month after tax? What would it be before tax then? ? Is this for an APRN role or staff RN role? Sorry for the questions, just that NYC doesn't pay anywhere close to that and the cost of living there is pretty darn high as ...
  4. Which Nurse are You?

    I guiltily have to admit that Late-Charting Linda was me. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and like to make sure I didn't miss any charting after my shift. And on the rough nights, sometimes I wouldn't be able to get to charting until my shift was ove...
  5. Which Nurse are You?

    You're missing one: Late-Charting Linda: that nurse who always stayed back to chart for at least 30 minutes to an hour after shift change. Negative Nancy thought she was doing it for the overtime, but then got quiet when she witnessed for hersel...
  6. How long did it take you to get your first RN job?

    I graduated with honors with a BSN way back in mid-2009. Finally landed the job last year. So that took me almost four years. Nobody wanted new grads and I was volunteering at a hospital which luckily turned into a non-nursing job (I so badly needed ...
  7. NY New Grad Jobs-anyone hiring?

    I would say keep on applying and don't give up, even if getting a job seems impossible. I know all about that, I graduated with honors from a top, private, very expensive nursing school, passed boards on the first try, and looked for work as an RN fo...
  8. Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    I'm in the same boat here, though you could hardly call me "new." I've been looking since 2009 so if anyone thinks their situation is bad, there's always someone out there who has it worse. A tale of absurdity: I went to apply at Hospital X for their...
  9. I don't want night shifts

    I wouldn't mind working night shifts; in fact, I'd prefer it once I was done with training. I guess it's because I've always been a night person. A night shift differential would be the extra icing on the cake
  10. During this rough economic time, I'm told time and time again that nursing is cyclical, that in time, things will open up again and nursing will once again be as in demand as it was ten years ago. But everything happens in it's own time and this time...
  11. How long did you stay at your 1st job?

    I'll let you know when I finally get one. After waiting so many years for one though, I assume I'd stay at that first job as long as possible.
  12. Is an RN refresher course even worth it at this point?

    I appreciate all of the advice, the thing is, I am applying for less desirable jobs like nursing homes and like I had already mentioned, I am looking at other areas to work. So far, the nursing homes aren't calling but I'm still trying.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm having a dilemma and I need some input. I finished nursing school with honors (BSN) and received my license from the summer of '09 and have been looking for RN work since then. Unfortunately, the same year I left nursing school, man...
  14. Update on jobs for new grads in NYC (Hunter,NYU,SUNY Downstate)

    To answer your question Manhattanite, I'm also from the NYC area and I graduated from nursing school over 2 years ago and it's been really hard finding a job. Every facility wants people with experience and it's also getting tough finding a volunteer...
  15. In this tough economy just be happy you got an RN job. I'd work for free for 6 months if I got to work as an RN and have it count towards the almighty experience that every place wants so desperately.