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  1. mccordm1

    Application Limbo

    oh yes, welcome to the club...! You just have to stay positive, make connections, re-write your resume/cover letter for every job, follow up on your apps, etc. Something will happen eventually. Good luck!
  2. mccordm1

    Help with thank you card, feed back needed.

    sounds good! how did it go? did you get the job?
  3. mccordm1

    Moving to California, Need Advice

    I would say that once you have your CA license, it shouldn't be that bad. You have your BSN, years of experience, and all your certifications. Most new grads aren't getting job offers because it is so expensive for hospitals to train them. I think you will be ok. Keep us posted, and good luck!
  4. I got called for an interview at Chula Vista! My interview is the first week in May. They said it would be a panel of 4-7 interviewers. Good luck everyone!!
  5. mccordm1

    new grad program interview

    How did your interview go? I would say DEFINITELY make that portfolio, and hand it out with pride!
  6. mccordm1

    New Grad Nursing Jobs in CA

    I moved here from out of state and it is difficult competing for jobs with New Grads from CA schools. California is all about networking...so if you have an "in" out here, you will be better off. I wouldn't come out here without a job lined up. It would be easiest to get a job where you did your clinicals, get 2 years of experience, and then move out here. Good luck!
  7. I moved to CA after graduating nursing school in December '11. I am still applying to jobs. My friends who stayed around the area where we went to nursing school have all found jobs. It is easiest to get hired at a hospital where you have done your clinicals and know people. If I were you, I would stay in the area where you went to nursing school for ONE YEAR of hospital experience, and then move. Getting that year of experience is almost impossible in CA, where many CA nursing school grads are moving OUT OF STATE for a year, and then coming back.
  8. Still waiting!!!! I hope we get contacted sooner rather than later!!
  9. mccordm1

    CHOC August 2012 New Grad Program

    Here are my two cents, I applied for med/surg and am still waiting as well. I hope I get an interview! Graduated BSN in December 2011. Let's all stay positive!!
  10. You should definitely do it. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras from 2007-2009. While translating for American medical brigades, I decided to become a nurse. After finishing my service, I went to nursing school. I wish I had been a nurse during my service; I could have made that much more of a difference!! One of the girls in my group was a Registered Nurse. She immediately got a job right after our service. If you want to do it, I can't imagine one reason to pass it up.
  11. mccordm1

    MedSpa interview

    Hey how did the interview go? I also got called for an interview...
  12. mccordm1

    Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    Has anyone who has posted on this thread recently gotten a job? I would love to hear some good outcomes! It can all be so discouraging! It's easier to stay optimistic when others are in the same situation, and eventually come out with jobs!!
  13. mccordm1

    New Grad RN jobs 2012

    It seems so hard to get a New Grad RN position in Southern California...To those that have gotten one, what is your advice? How did you land the job? Networking? GPA? Working as a PCA? Volunteering? Calling recruiters? All of the above?
  14. mccordm1

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2012

    I also plan on applying! Good luck to us all!
  15. I applied for Chula Vista...mainly because I'm bilingual Spanish/English and that was a preference. I hope I get in!!