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It's good to have an outlet you can spill your feelings about finding a job and struggling being unemployed. Got my CA RN license in Jan2011 and trying to land a RN job anywhere. Passed hundreds... Read More

  1. by   jelly221,RN
    Quote from magnoliophyte

    And yes, don't give up new grads. Unemployment rates for RN's is very low compared to other professions (around 2% last I checked) so just be persistent.
    Does that account for just new grads (< 1 yr since graduation w/ no work)? Or new grads + experienced RNs?? Now THAT would be an interesting statistic.
  2. by   Obalabi
    My story is pretty similar to the others posted here, except that I *did* get a job... and then was let go after the probationary period ended. My self-esteem is pretty much on the floor at this point. I can't relocate, plus I'm a second-career RN, which means I may be facing age discrimination, too, for all I know. My question is, does anyone know of any support groups specifically for new grad nurses (aside from this virtual one)? I think I might have to make one.
  3. by   RN_PICU
    I graduated in 05/2010. Even before my NCLEX I have found a job as a summer camp nurse. Two weeks into the camp and number of sleepless nights I had passed my boards and earned the title RN. During that same period relentless pursuit after more permanent job has landed me only one interview and an opportunity to work as correctional nurse!!! Need I say, probably something I never wanted to do but at the same time beggars can't be choosers. I've learned as much as could from that job, even saved a female inmate from dying d/t DKA and moved on to a new job; psych nurse at one of the crisis centers. All along I worked second and third jobs per-diem, mostly nights for hospice and LTC. Learned even more about nursing at each one of them... It was more than a year and four months when I finally landed my dream job on PICU floor in the biggest hospital in my area. I am grateful for the job and the opportunity given to me, but even more for all of the experiences,patients, people and coworkers that helped in the process. My current manager told me, that the most impressive thing about my interview was the fact I mentioned how much I learned from each and every one of my jobs, even the one I didn't like so much, at a jail.
    The bottom line is, do not be afraid to jump on any and every opportunity. New grads can and should learn from every single nursing job. Even those not so "popular."
    And FYI all of you new grads in CA, state prisions and jails are paying anywhere from $7,000 to $8,500 per mo for a nurse (it might go down 4.25%) but it's still a great way to provide and learn a thing or two about nursing. To this day I am receiving 2 or 3 letters a month from them offering me a job... Go get them!!!!
  4. by   rosiegirl212
    I know how it feels too. I graduated in May 2011 so just a few months ago and I hear about a lot of my classmates getting jobs and sometimes I wonder what they're doing different that I'm not doing. I'll admit I did get a nursing position at a nursing home but gave it up after 2 weeks. People may call me crazy, but they weren't willing to give me enough orientation time (yeah cause 3 days of floor orientation is enough time for any new grad (sarcastic)) and for my license and patient safety I let it go. Luckily my old job in retail took me back and thats where I work now, working in retail is better than nothing. I have my bad downer days, but you just gotta keep your head up, smile, and believe in yourself and believe in the fact that one day we will find a job!
  5. by   KATRN78
    Here is my vent:

    I wish someone had told me that to be a nurse you have to be born with experience. I feel like nursing school is a scam! I feel like I have been lied to. "Go to college, get an education, it will improve your life, you will make more money!" I worked very hard to get through nursing school. Now here I am 6 months later and I do not have a nursing job.

    My reason for going to nursing school was because I wanted to improve my situation in life and help people. My situation still sucks. I still have the same low paying job, now with student loans added to that.

    I have applied everywhere in my area. I cannot move right now due to financial and family reasons.

    I am sick of:

    1. People acting shocked that I can't get a nursing job and giving me "ideas" like "volunteer" or "try such and such hospital". I can't volunteer because I have to work a job to have an income. I have tried "such and such hospital" and every other place within 50 miles of my apartment!

    2. People saying "keep trying! it will happen!" ****, I am trying and I do not need your empty promises!
  6. by   rebelgirl#1

    Check out USAJOBS.GOV. I am in AR and we are still short 3 nurses at our site. Not too many people want to come to corrections. But is fun and good experience.
  7. by   KATRN78
    In my area, all the nursing jobs on USAJOBS.gov require 1-5 years experience.
  8. by   cateye112
    KATRN78- I know exactly how you feel. It has taken my 6 months to find a job, many much longer. I was tired of everyone's suggestions and pity. I felt like no one understood, searching fora new grad position is NOT like any other job hunting I have done. But from one new grad to another, if you get so discouraged that you give up, obviously your not going to find a job.

    Although you are not asking my advice here is what I did:

    Call your local hospitals...all of them. Ask about their new grad programs. They usually open them 2x a year, in May/June and December/January. Find out when theirs starts.

    1.) After you apply, call and let them know that you applied and are checking on the status of your application. Find out when they expect to start interviewing and such.

    2.) Follow-up! Many places aren't as good about following up. The job I just got, I called 3 times before I heard back...and the craziest part was that I receive an automated rejection letter one night but then got a call for an interview the next day.

    3.) During the interview, try to start a side conversation with the interviewer. I have read that this helps and I saw that my interview have young children (as do I) so we struck up a conversation about them that really relaxed things.

    4.) Send a thank you card after you interview. I did.

    I need to note that two weeks prior I had a phone interview with a different hospital under the same umbrella as my current. I did not send a thank you or have a side conversation but I thought the interview went REALLY well. However, I did not get the job.

    I know how frustrating it is...even my husband was trying to find jobs for me as if the pressure of everyone else (and from myself) wasn't enough. I know he meant well. But I was ready to throw in the towel and find something else.

    I should also tell you that I did a lot of praying. This is the hospital I really wanted to be at. I believe that God's timing is perfect and he was keeping me available for this opportunity. Though it was challenging to keep that mindset while I was in the midst of it all.

    Either way, best wishes on your job hunt.
  9. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Luck and whom you know.

    God forbid you take your school's advice and not work during school. (This was hammered repeatedly into our brains. If you work, you'll fail out of school.) You're totally out of luck if you do that. The only way to quickly acquire an acute care job is by working as a CNA/extern/whatever.

    Got my first job in pediatric home health. Talked to a few of my peers and this was the agency that will "hire anyone!" (They did, obviously.) I maxed out at 18/hr with no bennies but at least I was working and they gave me all the overtime I wanted. Fell into my (hopefully!) current acute care job by playing up my home health experience. Could I deal with crazy? Yes, yes I can deal with crazy IN BUCKETS.

    Unfortunately the ---) I feel like nursing school is a scam! I feel like I have been lied to. "Go to college, get an education, it will improve your life, you will make more money!" I worked very hard to get through nursing school. Now here I am 6 months later and I do not have a nursing job.
    is relevant to most fields of study these days. I've heard people talk about the nursing bubble in the same way that they talk about the housing or tech bubbles. And I believe it.

    What sucks is that the media feeds you the belief that there is a drastic nursing shortage, that nursing is recession proof, etc. (Hubby's an aerospace engineer and as he likes to remind me, at least they can't outsource nurses. lol.)
  10. by   erwinespi
    Just want to vent this out. I'm a BSN grad got my license July '11. No experience. I'm from CA. So I tried looking there for 2 months, sent out hundreds of resume but ended up nothing because of their minimum experience requisites. So I moved to Houston,TX last september trying my chance that they will hire new grads like me with no experience.. Sent out hundreds of resumes. Went into their interviews. Our conversation I believe it REALLY went well. Answered all their questions with confidence. I always ask them if they train new nurses like me and they said YES and all of them have their own training facility. Some of them would say that they prefer new nurses because they are more obedient and we are very willing and disciplined, unlike experienced ones who already has an attitude of their own. So it gave me a heads up that I have a good chance to be hired from what they've said. But after a week to follow up on them, they'll say that they just wanted an experienced one. Its just so sad whats happening for new grads like me. Im 5mos unemployed. I dnt know wats left out there. They keep saying that its better to start with a preceptor in the hospital to gain experience. But im just losing hope. I just dnt understand the idea on how you will get an experience if no one will hire you. I just hope that the hiring managers would look on what the nurse can offer. We graduated to an accredited nursing school. Its not easy to pass licensure exams. I dont know if I can still believe that going to college will give you job security in the future. So if you're a hiring manager reading this, if you require experienced nurses you might want to take a look at a bigger picture. How can a new nurse will get an experience if you dont hire them??
  11. by   froggy8
    I am in the same boat as most of you RNs in this post. Graduated BSN in Sept from a 2nd degree accelerated program, licensed early Nov. Applied to every hospital I could find in the area. Nothing back! Not even a single interview! I call them and email them. I even got a machine once from a hospital I called (it didn't allow me to press a button for a representative)! No experience and most WANT experience! I cannot relocate because of financial reasons.
    I saw that a few of you got a job in correctional nursing as a first job... maybe I will try that route however it worries me as I am a small/short woman... haha rant/vent end.
  12. by   cateye112
    Just wanted to share that at my orientation on Monday, the hospital said they get between 14,000-30,000 applications a month! I am not sure if that is the case for most hospitals (this one has roughly 1,000 beds). This helped to put things into perspective a bit for me.
  13. by   FocusRN
    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    (Hubby's an aerospace engineer and as he likes to remind me, at least they can't outsource nurses. lol.)

    LOL, oh but they do.