Something not to do on a job interview

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    I saw this article on the Huffington Post yesterday and had a major W T H moment.
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    Have heard of this before. It is NOT looked upon favorably by employers!
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    I have heard of this trend before too. Fortunately neither me nor my sister ever thought of bringing our parents to a job/school interview. I remember when I was looking at nursing schools my parents drove me to an out of state admission interview and they waited in the car. The admissions rep actually asked me how I got to the campus and when I told her my folks drove me, she asked to briefly meet them at the end of the interview. I thought it was odd
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    WTH indeed! Man, millennials already have a bad rap for being the excessively sensitive hand-holding types. This isn't helping their cause...
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    thank goodness I'm a gen-X raised with strong independence.
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Quick kids! Run with scissors, microwave everything you eat, sit too close to the tv! Hurry! Senior year will be here before you know it!
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    Couldn't even imagine bringing my parents along for an interview!!! No, no, no, no, no!!!
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    My son is a millennial and this is him to a T, believe me, I don't want to hold his hand, but he is just so helpless. The only reason he even works is because I cut him off financially, and introduced him to some friends of mine who hire laborers. Now he works only enough to eat and put gas in his car. I had to kick the baby bird out of the nest kicking and screaming. Slowly but surely he is figuring it out.
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    I'm raising my children to be strongly independent. It does tend to bite me in the arse when my soon to be 13 year old daughter tries to raise EVERYONE, me & her dad included.

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    I cannot imagine....

    I think if a kid showed up with is parents it would be the shortest interview ever. Critical thinking, independence, hard working, can't imagine all those traits in someone who had to bring mommy...

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