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Poll: to those of u "former" new grads- How did you get that first new grad job? Walk- ins, online applications, through networking/ someone u know helped you, etc. Thanks for any future replies! Im interested to see who was most... Read More

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    Graduate next week...applied to two different places and have two job offers as soon as achieve my RN license. (One in a hospital, other in a rehab clinic)

    The key is to stand out...I have years of management experience in a different field, so that helps. Listen to sucessful positive nurses advice, not bitter, negative ones.
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    I did a clinical rotation at the facility where I was hired, but not on the same unit. I applied online, like everyone else, and was selected for a panel interview, and then a unit interview, after which I was offered the job. For me, it wasn't networking. I did attend a school that the hospital holds in high regard, so I suppose that combined with my hours done at that hospital helped significantly. And, good grades, lots of volunteering, and lots of prayer.
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    I stood out in school. Did my clinicals at the hospital and on the unit for which I was eventually hired. Had been selected for a student externship the summer prior to graduation. I knew where I wanted to work and did my preceptorship on that unit -- and blatantly told the manager I hoped to work there. Started applying two months before graduation. Sent a note to the manager one month before. Two weeks later, I was interviewed and offered a job. It did help that I went to a small school, in a small town, and it was a small hospital.
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    Seriously newbies if you are reading this. Start looking for the job while in school. That means networking and kicking butt at clinicals. Get your name known!
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    I started applying about 6 months before my graduation. I knew I wanted peds and nothing else so I literally applied to every major children's hospital/hospital system with pediatrics across the country (in alphabetical order by state haha). I made it about through the K's when I received an interview offer from an early in the alphabet state. I interviewed, was offered the job on the spot and accepted about a week later, all before starting my last semester of nursing school. I did end up relocating about 9 hours from home which isn't too bad, I was prepared to be going across country. I now have three years experience, in two different units, am planning on one more year then traveling for a year before hopefully finding a permanent job in my home state.
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    My first job. A part time job, got an interview due to networking. I didn't stay there very long though because shortly thereafter, I got a position at my current job. For this job, I went to their website and filled out the online application. It took about 2 mths for them to call me for an interview but I was hired on the spot when I interviewed.

    All the other interviews and call backs I've gotten were through the same process. Filling out an application online. I'm realizing that the wheels turn slowly when it comes to the nursing hiring process sometimes. I graduated in May, filled out about 50 applications online. Very few calls in the beginning but lately, quite a few of those places have been calling. I'm happy with my current job so I won't be going on any more interviews for now. Anyway, my point is don't get overly anxious if you don't get a response immediately.

    Good luck in your job search!
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    Thanks to all for this great information.
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    I'd heard from a family friend that a remote, rural hospital needed a nurse so I cold-called the DON which led to the interview and hire.

    After a couple of years I added a per diem gig at a less-remote rural hospital by means of a former colleague from the first job who'd started working there.
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    I started applying for jobs about a month before I graduated. I applied online to several hospitals. The nurse recruiter from one of the hospitals emailed me and asked that I have two professors fill out new graduate references. I did the very same day. About a week later the nurse recruiter called me and said that they didn't hire new grads for the position I applied for, but asked if I would be interested in another area. I said I would, and later that day a hiring manager called me and set up an interview on a cardiac floor that I had done clinicals on and really liked. I made sure I told the nurse manager that interviewed how much I liked the floor and she invited me back for a peer interview the next week. I guess I did well on that because I was hired three days later :-). I think the key is applying before everyone else does, because I have already started my job while many of my classmates are still in the applying/interviewing phase.
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    Worked an externship for a very large hospital system for my whole senior year. Didn't stay with the particular hospital but was able to get a position with another one within the system because of that externship.
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