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I was wondering if anyone will be able to help me... I am a new grad ADN RN in nyc. I am currently enrolled to get my BSN and will be done by Feb 2013. I have yet to find a nursing job, I have been working as a medical... Read More

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    Get a Connecticut license and get on the train! Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport all good possibilities.

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    How long is the train ride to greenwich ??? Definitely a good idea for one year of experience ....
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    Hi, I live in NYC and know exactly what you are going through. I felt like crying after graduation. In school everyone hypes you up for the big day when you get pinned and off you go to start earning top dollars. Noone mentions the fact that most hospital do not need an ADN new grad. Your best bet is to start stalking agencies, LTC centers, small community clinics. Private offices as you correctly mentioned employ MAs. Also try craigslist. I found a lot of available part-time offers. It was nothing but at least it was nursing. All you need is to get a foot in the door. Its great that you are getting your bachelors. The top hospitals in NYC are all MAGNET so your BSN fits nicely and they hire immediately. Don't give up!
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    Quote from srn789
    You are lucky you are trying to relocate. We have no place to go besides NYC. Relocation is out of the question. I wish there were private offices hiring here, most, if not all the private offices here (including the office I work in) hire MAs or CNAs that get paid half a nurses salary and do as much as a nurse would do. For me its not only about applying to hospitals, its getting a job anywhere, I just love working with pts so I wouldn't care where I worked, as long as it was a job in the field... I have faxed dozens of resumes to all the nursing homes in the area with no response .... I just wish there would be a light at the end of this dark tunnel... Lindsey.. I am so sorry to hear you got laid off... I am so afraid to lose my job that I literally do anything my boss says, my coworkers and superiors all think he is purposely taking advantage of me because he knows I need some sort of income, which just makes the whole thing worse.......... I hope we all three will have some good news this week....................... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    seems like the doctor/boss is taking advantage of you, because he knows the situation your in. and he's using u to manage his office, because you have the qualifications, without the pay.
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    Grand Central to Greenwich, on express train, about half hour.
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    Tell your story to your congressman/woman. We need to tell everybody about how exceedingly hard it is to find a job as a new grad! Everybody I talk to, send letters/emails to does not believe me. Google "who is my congreeman" and you can start there. I have even written oprah, ellen, all the networks, president, etc. But until everybody does it, they will keep believing there is a nursing shortage. There is not a nursing shortage! Arrrrgggg maybe I should just be a pirate
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    Maybe we should start writing newspapers, etc and start exposing schools that continuely accepting students while GN's can't get a job also.
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    Senator Gillebrand (sp?) of NY is big on nursing issues, so contact her office. Also, I've heard you can work as an LPN/CNA type job in some hospitals that require BSNs. It's illegal in CA & NJ, but maybe NY is different. Even though you have your RN, they'll take you for a lower level job (and pay) until you earn your BSN, then you can roll into that job.

    I would also consider Psych facilities, Surgi-Centers, Dialysis Centers, Women's Health Clinics, LTCs etc. FAX them your CV & cover letter and follow up in a few days to make sure they got it.

    Get out of the job you're in. Contact your old Office Manager and see what he/she can do for you. Start doing volunteer work in a facility you want to work in - it will get your foot in the door and give you connections that you can use when your BSN is finished (Feb 2013 will be her sooner than you think).

    No, there is no nursing shortage, but it isn't any schools fault. Suing them is not the answer - having a NATIONWIDE license is a good start (promotes mobility). Having a nationwide RESIDENCY program (like doctors have) is a good start! So once we get settled, let's vow to make a change, OK?
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    yup youre right thats exactly what he is doing, and as I mentioned before dont have much of a choice unfortunately ......... So sad to see that someone else is in the same position as me in NYC ... its just tooo hard .... milliem did u find a job ????? elrup - its a good idea ... i just wish there was a better solution ...
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    I dont think as a RN you can practice as an LPN or CNA in NY .. Im not sure though so I will find out.. And unfortunately the office manager currently still works for him, she is just in a lower position... Its hard for me to think of not being employed even for a week because I have a family and need every dollar ... thats not even including the school loans.. I wanted to volunteer, but due to the crazy schedule I have its almost impossible.. I faxed a few resumes today and I hope something will come out of them.. I am really trying not to let my current situation get me down ... I am trying to look forward no matter how hard it is ...

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