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I'm a longtime lurker but I finally decided to take the plunge; mostly because I am fed up (like most new grads). I'll be honest, sometimes when I'm feeling frustrated with the job scarcity situation, I search this forum and read... Read More

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    Hi! My heart goes out to you! I am a December 2011 grad, and have been quite lucky in my job opportunities. I am now on my second RN job, with no previous health care experience. The first was in a LTC short term rehab and now in a Cardiac Progressive Care Unit (much more my cup of tea!) I do reside in Wisconsin, which seems to have a more friendly job climate. Even Mayo here is hiring new grads! I agree that you should take a good look at your resume and cover letter. If you would like to PM it to me, I would be willing to take a look for you. When I applied to jobs, I took a lot of time to customize each aspect of the resume/cover letter to the organization I applied to.

    Do you have any letters of recommendation? If not, I would seek out letters of recommendation from your residency preceptors. I think that these types of letters really help "seal the deal" with potential employers, especially since you have no medical field employment experience. Many jobs have places that you attach these "supporting documents". If there is not a spot to attach, you should be able to scan them, and include in your cover letter/resume document.

    Do you know someone you could stay with in a Nursing Compact State? If you reside in a nursing compact state, you will have a multi-state license that is good in 24 states. This could help improve your job search. Just a few ideas! Best of luck to you!
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