Best places for new grad hires?

  1. So it's hard to believe there is any kind of a nursing shortage right now with so many new grads not able to find jobs. It seems though to be highly based on location (for instance... if you live in california, good luck). There seems to be in my area though, central NC, tons of new grads getting hired.

    I thought it would be a good idea for us to compile a list from personal experience (not scientific) of best and worst places, and help with resources. I haven't graduated yet, but I know that when I do I will only care about getting the job, not where it's at (even if that's halfway around the world).

    So I think someone trying to get a job in NC, is going to look and feel vastle different from someone trying to get a job in California, and would skew their ideas about the universal job market for nurses.

    Oh, and this was about the only useful article I found on the matter -

    So what are your opinions about your area for new grad hires?
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  3. by   netglow
    There are many, many, many threads regarding this very thing. You can search at top right, or just scroll around and you will find several currently running threads.
  4. by   anzean_rn
    News Flash - There is no nursing shortage.
  5. by   Curious88
    Nursing has so much variety. And they really make a difference in the world.
    I am planning to go nursing school. One of the main reason for choosing this career the variety, job stability, and i like healthcare
    My question is overall goal for nursing is not to be a Registered Nuse... I am more interested in venues such as public health nurse , nurse practitioner, radiology nurse... I mean I will be a registered nurse for a few years for the experience and to pay my dues but my overall goal is more interested in the many other venues. So my motivation for nursing school is okay one day I will be a clinical nurse specialist... Is that okay to go to nursing school for the opportunities of nursing beside RN
  6. by   Lio-RN
    Probably you not clear understand what does it mean "nursing shortage". It is not the situation when there are many nursing jobs on the market and nobody wants to fill it. Nursing shortage it that we have overwhelmed workloads every shift, number pts for one nurse is like we are short staff. We are exhausted, tyred, complaining all the time, do unsafe job because of extrimelly busy, but hospitals do not increased number of nursing positions.
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    Either the previous posters didn't actually read the OP or I'm misreading. It sounds like the OP is trying to make a "Where The New Grad Jobs Are" thread to have here on AN as a reference. While that may be similar to all the other threads talking about how hard the poster's local market is, this strikes me as a slightly different focus? I don't know, maybe it's the lack of coffee.

    I have a former classmate in Virginia who started nursing school with a job lined up and a scholarship from the job (I can't recall the last time I heard of places doing that anymore). She said her hospital had extensive job postings too. I think it was outside the immediate DC area (ie not in DC metro).

    A few classmates got jobs pretty quickly looking 2+ hours away from Philadelphia in more rural areas and tiny cities.

    I hear mixed things about Texas but one of the few classmates who had a job lined up prior to graduation had secured a job in Texas through the Versant Residency program. That actually might be something to do- go to the Versant website and find the hospitals that use them and see what job postings those hospitals have available.
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    The first stickie under "First Year after Licensure" (click on Nurses tab above) might be helpful to the OP.
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    Just FYI...

    There is a nursing shortage! I know it may not seem as though there is one, but there is a simple explanation for this... Withing the past five years, the economy began to plummet which heavily affected soon-to-be retiring nurses. There retirement funds were in trouble, which led to them working longer than expected. In addition, nurses were not moving around from one job to another because of the economy. Hospitals also took a hit and were unable to "over hire" graduate nurses as they did before (to compensate for GN's that would quit after orientation or fail boards). Trust me, the nursing shortage will only continue to grow as our profession ages and retires and we are caring for the baby boomer population.
  10. by   hjknisley
    Also, in my area there were quite a few layoffs related to the aircraft industry which is known to pay well, so many retired nurses went back to work as a result.
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    I was hoping to see a response for the question asked but I didnt see one or maybe I just missed it?? I wish I could answer the question by saying NYC is one if the best places for New grads,but it is not. I think we are on our 4th Hospital that has closed and we are waiting to see what happens with LICH in Brooklyn. I really would like to re-locate to N.C, but Im getting alot of mixed messages about Jobs there. Mostly there aren't any!! New Grads are everywhere and the nursing schools are pumpming them out..
  12. by   PaulHagerty
    As someone who took to heart what the Bureau of Labor Statistics said on their website in 2011 about nursing being a profession with the fastest growth and most jobs available, it is so discouraging to see that the situation is so different on the ground, or at least for new grads. I went back to their website to look again only to realize they have since down-graded the job outlook for nurses from the highest growth rating "over 29%" to 26%. However, they still report well-over 50,000 jobs in the next decade - 711,900, to be precise.

    See it for yourself here -