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  1. PaulHagerty

    Best places for new grad hires?

    As someone who took to heart what the Bureau of Labor Statistics said on their website in 2011 about nursing being a profession with the fastest growth and most jobs available, it is so discouraging to see that the situation is so different on the ground, or at least for new grads. I went back to their website to look again only to realize they have since down-graded the job outlook for nurses from the highest growth rating "over 29%" to 26%. However, they still report well-over 50,000 jobs in the next decade - 711,900, to be precise. See it for yourself here - http://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/registered-nurses.htm
  2. PaulHagerty

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    I second JPA_RN's sentiments in saying that a post like nurserr's is very helpful. There isn't a lot of incentive for those you have had success to come back and post after getting in. Explaining it in that level of detail is great. Thank you!
  3. PaulHagerty

    Nurse Residency Programs

    It makes sense that hospitals prefer those with experience, but obviously new grads have to start somewhere and it seems like a hospital that does not hire them is implying they do not have the resources to train them - monetary, staffing or otherwise. It is very surprising to hear that a new grad with a less senior credential like LPN/LVN would ever be preferred over a new grad with a BSN or MSN. Surely if they qualify for a new grad position their experience advantage is unlikely to be very significant.
  4. PaulHagerty

    UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

    Does anyone know the final stats for number of applicants and number accepted? It would also be helpful if some of you that got in (and are sadly unlikely to be looking at this page any longer) could share a bit about what you think they are seeking beyond good grades, references, and hitting it off in the interview. Come to think of it, there may not be anything beyond that, but please, use your imagination.
  5. PaulHagerty

    All the Nurse Residency Programs you ever wanted

    Given the willingness of most new grad nurses to relocate, it makes sense for there to be a large searchable database of all new grad positions. I'm really surprised there isn't one available. Going through the job listings hospital by hospital is so terribly inefficient and time-consuming. Maybe I need to dust of my programming skills and dive in to that kind of project-that wouldn't be time-consuming at all, no. A wiki-style site where users could add listings and edit them as they expire would be great. The shame of so many job search engines is that they are incomplete. Does anyone know of a really good one beyond Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, Snagajob, etc. ? Anything more exclusive to nursing?
  6. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    The Sacramento campus was my first choice and that's what the acceptance was for. I got the email at 4:55PM
  7. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    I know it was making me feel anxious to read that people were getting accepted already and I don't want to add to anyone's anxiety, but I did receive my acceptance by email today. I would guess they will continue to roll out through October. Hang in there for those still waiting! It feels great to fulfill a major goal. One down for now, many to go. I look forward to meeting you all!
  8. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    Good thinking to look that up. Ahhh, the waiting game
  9. PaulHagerty

    Northern California RN new grad jobs??

    Has anyone compiled an up to date list of hospitals with nurse residencies or know of a searchable database? Here's a good resource I found - American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Nurse Residency Program ...and here's the more comprehensive thread on the topic from this site - https://allnurses.com/nursing-career-advice/all-nurse-residency-419156.html
  10. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    err...late Septemeber
  11. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    RoseyCareer's early acceptance seems out of the ordinary. I don't think we should start checking obsessively until late August - of course I find it difficult to follow my own advice and have been checking obsessively already anyhow. It's nice to have this forum to commiserate.
  12. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    Just heard my application has been forwarded for faculty review - good to get another confirmation that the process is moving along.
  13. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    WOW, that's WAY early. CONGRATULATIONS, MyRoseyCareer! It's the start of a very rosey career, indeed. Did you turn your app in well before the deadline or give them an indication you needed an early response? Perhaps they go through the apps in the order received - beyond the fact that you clearly were a stellar candidate.
  14. PaulHagerty

    Sutter New Grad Program

    Do they admit only once per year? Are there start dates other than in June? If Sac-based grads get preference I guess that generally means grads from Sac State and Samuel Merritt, right? Thank you for the feedback.
  15. PaulHagerty

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

    Hello, I also applied for admission to the 2013 SMU ABSN program. My first choice campus is Sacramento. I'm also eagerly awaiting the admission news in late September/early October and appreciate hearing your thoughts as we navigate the process. Best of luck, Paul