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  1. Wichita Nursing Job Market (Critical Care)

    I can speak only as an upcoming nursing graduate, but landing the first job is becoming quite difficult in this area. We are saturated with nursing programs and many new grads are having a difficult time. Pretty much have to take whatever unit and...
  2. Another Rant on Obesity and Children

    I think it is a cultural issue. A friend of mine just returned from France and the first thing he noticed when he arrived at the airport was how overweight the majority of our population is. Just take a look around the next time you go to a buffet ...
  3. When did you decide nursing was for you?

    When my twins were born, I was in awe at how the nurse took control of the room. I was clueless about what my role was. I don't want to do labor and delivery, but I want my job to matter that much.
  4. New grad men to the ICU

    I am hoping to land an ICU role as well and from what I have heard you better know somebody. All the guys ahead of me in my program do seem to be able to land one though. That's encouraging.
  5. How is there a shortage?

    I hear there is always a nursing shortage partly because hospitals won't hire the proper amount of RN's to begin with. Also, part of nursing school now is networking and looking for your first job before you graduate. All of the graduating classes ...
  6. Tattoos and nursing

    Tattoos are fine if you are willing to accept potential consequences of getting them. As long as you realize it may limit your ability to move into management or to work at certain facilities go ahead. Unfortunately most people do get them when the...
  7. Cheating

    During our interview to enter the nursing program we were asked what we would do if we caught a student cheating. Your actions were exactly the right answer. If you know, and do nothing, and that student is able to cheat her way through school, whe...
  8. Perhaps your friends are not in the position to do the BSN and they don't want to see you leave the group. Either way, if you have the means you should definately do it. If you try to do a bridge program after the fact, you will have to do while wo...
  9. Best places for new grad hires?

    Also, in my area there were quite a few layoffs related to the aircraft industry which is known to pay well, so many retired nurses went back to work as a result.
  10. CRNA Jobs?

    I keep hearing the 2015 doctoral program change, but I can't find anything definitive that states that. Is this rumor or fact?
  11. Leaving full time job to go to nursing school...

    I am 32. I have twin 2 year old girls and had been working as an accountant for the last 5 years (the last of those paying $61,000). I was laid off, and although I had decent prospects, I decided I couldn't go back to the life of a cubicle and a jo...
  12. Overtime?

    We use a graduated tax system, so I am referring to to the top rate being 100% not a flat tax rate of 100%. And I am only appying it to the last $150,000 since the previous posts made the remark that if you made $150,000 it would be the same as maki...
  13. Overtime?

    I am not sure why everybody keeps saying that $300,000 will be equivalent to $150,000. I don't know of a 100% tax bracket. Even if you you are in the top tax bracket you will still bring home well over half of the additional $150,000. $75,000 of a...
  14. Overtime?

    Not sure why so many people think money as a motivation means you will be inadequate at your job. If you don't have the skills or grades you won't get through the program anyway. How many people decide to become doctors because of the money. Not s...