Applying for jobs while completing last semester?

  1. A few friends have told me that they applied for and got jobs while still in their last semester of nursing school school however all the positions I have been applying for say "current license in xx state" I have been filling out license pending, graduation pending etc.. but i'm just wondering if i'm wasting my time doing all of these applications? I graduate in May with my BSN.
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  3. by   NevadaFighter
    I'm on the same boat. Personally, I have been calling up all the different hospitals that I am interested in working at to see
    1.) if they hire new grads
    2.) when can I apply?

    I have only applied to the ones where they told me I could apply now (out of about 40 hospitals, probably 8). I haven't heard too much back, though. I also graduate in May with an ADN.

    Good luck!
  4. by   PnutButterJelly
    I graduate in May and have already been applying. Most of the application have a place to mark that says you will be a new grad within 6 months. At least the places I have applied. The other aspect is that it isn't going to hurt anything to apply now. All they can say is no. But you could gain interview and resume experience, or better yet a job!
  5. by   HouTx
    Hospitals in my part of the country won't really process anything until you have a license. They don't want to invest resources if it turns out that you aren't actually qualified (licensed). Sometimes there are different rules for formal new grad programs.
  6. by   Twinmom06
    I graduate in May and got my offer in definitely apply!!!
  7. by   soxgirl2008
    A friend of mine graduates in May and has already been offered a job. However, she is a student nurse intern for the hospital she was hired for so they may be more willing to take a chance on her even though she has not taken NCLEX yet than someone they don't know.

    I would definitely apply. It can't hurt. Don't be let down if you don't hear much back. I know people that didn't hear anything back until they graduated and passed NCLEX, and then they started getting interviews.
  8. by   MissM.RN
    Hi MrsLloyd! You are not wasting your time!! If you want the best chance at working right after graduation, then you absolutely should keep applying now. A lot of new grad programs have incredibly lengthy application processes anyway. In my case, I applied to a new grad program (required two reference letters, CNA experience, and an essay) in April, phone interview May, in-person interviews on three units in July, formal offer August.

    You're smart for getting your BSN from the get-go. Almost every hospital I applied to stated "BSN preferred" or "Required".