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Is there any advantage having a previous 4 year degree when it comes to job searching as a new grad? My 4 year is Retail, merchandising and management with a concentration of interior decorating and minors in art and business. I... Read More

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    BS in biology + ADN got me into Duke. Many of the teaching hospitals value education. Of any kind. A classmate of mine went straight from ADN to MSN @ Duke b/c she had previous BS and MPA. AND she got a job @ UNC-Chapel Hill for the same reason I got in to Duke. It is an advantage to have higher education of any kind, but obviously a BSN is desired. There are plenty of hospitals that will not look at a resume unless it has the BSN on it, but do a little digging

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    NOT true that it "means nothing." I'd rather have a well-rounded individual with some real-life experience than a plain old new grad nurse.
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    BSN + experience is what hiring managers/HR people/computer programs search for.

    I have been beyond qualified for many jobs I applied for but I lacked those three pesky letters after my name. Well, I'm getting them now, and then some more.

    I have been a nurse for 10 years with an ADN and even though I have been downsized I have always managed to land on my feet. As my goal is as a Geriatric NP I am pursuing education as much as possible.
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    I should add that I have known a number of RNs with ADNs and other bachelors degree who went to CRNA school without gettting a BSN. I personaly know people who have gone to CRNA school with ADN plus degrees in chemistry, dairy science, forestry, music, biology and morturary science. A bachelors degree is absolutly required for CRNA, however usally only the big universties whose CRNA programs are based in schools of nursing require a BSN.
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    Some of my better students had previous degrees/work experience in marketing, management, and biology. They were the only ones who could do the arithmetic needed to calculate medications and IVs.

    While interior design may not seem applicable, someone like that might have great skill in creative looking-outside-the-box to help solve care situations. Transferrable skills is where it's at. If that's you, mention that. You will want a manager who gets it.
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    I just graduated with my associate's and have a prior BA in music therapy. I have already accepted a job in long term care and start Monday and while I think my previous degree helped me a bit in landing a job, I think they were more impressed that I had supervisory experience from a previous job, as I will be in charge 3 shifts a week (yikes!). Definitely highlight on your résumé the skills you developed while using your other degree.

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