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Is there any advantage having a previous 4 year degree when it comes to job searching as a new grad? My 4 year is Retail, merchandising and management with a concentration of interior decorating and minors in art and business. I... Read More

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    This is my 36th year of nursing. I have a degree in Elementary Ed and an ADN. My non-nursing degree never stopped me from getting a job and on 3 occasions actually helped me get the job. I have been out of bedside nursing for a long time now, mostly doing education & training and school nursing. At my age (56) I have no desire to seek out more college degrees. I am within 10 years of retirement and it would not be reasonable for me to take on a bunch of college debt at this time. If my employer suddenly required me to get my BSN, I'd say adios! Not interested in that.
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    Well, I couldn't agree more with the post about are MUCH better off with someone on the inside getting you in. Or being there as a whatever then getting your RN. I have 3 degrees, BS in Anatomy (heck, if that ain't relevant I don't know what is) and a D.C. degree with 11 years experience (obviously, not nursing but many thousands of patients) and I'm currently 1st semester Masters degree in Nursing program. Net result? Nadda...without experience, without contacts the 3 degrees and a Masters in the works means NOTHING. At least in my market.

    I've had interviews (I understand many haven't even gotten that) but the background doesn't matter w/o experience. There is a HUGE push to have everyone with BSN's. I think that is BS without the N b/c my first 3 bridge classes are the same as 1/3 of the BSN program I was looking into and it has nothing to do with clinical nursing, it's all management/leadership/research. Ninety-nine percent of nurses have nothing to do with research and the leadership/management stuff is mostly part of Business management Bachelor's programs. So let me get this straight...."being licensed already means I learned all clinical skills necessary in the first 2 years b/c I've got the license but I'm not good enough to get hired b/c I don't have basically nursing taught business management classes."

    I hate to say it but yes, other degrees don't matter. I've even been told that my Masters won't matter w/o a BSN but I'm hoping that person is an idiot b/c I really can't make sense out of that. Oddly enough the research, leadership nursing courses I'm in are basically classes I've already had in chiro school, just replace "nurse" with "chiropractor" and it was the same. It's unbelievable what we do to ourselves as a profession. What happens to all the community colleges when everyone stops hiring ADN's? They are doing it now. I caught some grief about my ADN being from Excelsior but give me a break...where are most of these BSN's coming from now for existing older nurses? Online RN to BSN programs!

    I'd say it's a hard sell if your BS is not science or clinical in some way but don't fret b/c even with mine it doesn't make that big a difference as far as I can tell. I'd say like before make sure you have good clinicals (that hurts me) and network with people. If you can get a job inside now, even if not nursing, do it and work from the inside. It's an extremely tight market and right now, I'm resolved to sell the house, stash some cash and start applying in the boonies and move for the job. It's just not going anywhere here for someone with my background. You would probably be better off being able to move instead of hoping the right one exists where you are. I'm in a city of 8 million and it's not better, it's worse.

    But as usual, you only need 1 yes no matter how many no's you run into. Don't give up. You didn't come this far to turn around.
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    unfortuantely it doesn't mean anything , the BSN is what counts because of magnet status stats. That doesn't mean you can't use your past experiences to build upon and sell yourself. For instance experience in business /retail means you are going to have a good understanding of some of the financial aspects of things. but in terms of getting a job..............i live in a very highly educated shop people have college degrees. no joke
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    I'm going to disagree here.
    Generally, it's a BSN that counts. BUT...
    In this day and age of customer service, take that retail degree and SELL IT on your cover letters, resumes, interviews. You are managment's DREAM when it comes to customer service scores.
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    Today, a number of places want the four-year degree to be a BSN, regardless of whatever else you have your degree in. You should be able to get through a BSN or bridge to MSN program pretty easily--if your gpa is good enough.

    Really, it depends on the institution. Most people are finding they have to do the BSN regardless; but it should take them less time, depending.

    And then some people can just sell whatever degree they have, and they can get the particular job. It really all depends. You also have to look at what the trends are in your area.
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    I have also heard that holding such a job as a CNA will ultimately be the contributing factor as to finding work as an ADN. I have a Bachelors in Healthcare Management so I do believe that will help me out in the future with my ADN, but as of right now my degree is worthless so I'm beyond ready to get my RN license. I plan on volunteering at places or calling to shadow people as well, if I can't find a CNA position right away. Good luck!
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    About half of the nursing students in my community college ADN program had college degrees in other fields. We just lacked skills that lead to employment. I don't think the BA degree helped except to cover some of the program prerequisites. Degrees are not as rare as they once were, so they count for less in the employment game.
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    Quote from RNperdiem
    Degrees are not as rare as they once were, so they count for less in the employment game.

    True but the BSN has become this HUGE issue in nursing. Right, wrong, whatever, it is what it is. I just spoke with an ADN the other day that has previously earned a BA in another field from a very prestigious university. The total from all her loans is killing her. She cannot find a hospital job. These interactions are not rare anymore.
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    Not really. I have a BSA plus my ADN, the previous four year degree didn't help at all in my job searches.
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    Quote from MN2LA
    I had hoped to hold off for a few years... I was hoping to get some experience before going back to school.

    I currently work for a hospital in the twin cities (MN) but they want me to be enrolled in a BSN to be considered... but (I) don't want to attend school right away. I want to start a family and start paying off my tuition debts.
    While I understand your hopes and wants, that may not be your best choice at present.

    If your present employer will hire you as a nurse (or at least consider you) if you're enrolled in a BSN program, I think you'd be foolish not to take that route. I'm sure you see how hard it is to find new-grad jobs... and many places have the same policy as your employer, even for experienced nurses.

    My own path to a decent nursing job required a great many sacrifices and compromises and I didn't get 'what I want' for about 3 years.
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