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Is there any advantage having a previous 4 year degree when it comes to job searching as a new grad? My 4 year is Retail, merchandising and management with a concentration of interior decorating and minors in art and business. I... Read More

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    Thanks everyone. I had hoped to hold off for a few years and do the RN to MSN down the road once I figured out exactly what avenues I wanted to take my education in but I was hoping to get some experience before going back to school. I currently work for a hospital in the twin cities (MN) but they want me to be enrolled in a BSN to be considered, which I understand, but don't want to attend school right away. I want to start a family and start paying off my tuition debts. So I am feeling stuck since deadlines are approaching for the RN to BSN programs.

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    I have been a nurse for 10 years with a previous bachelors in business. Unfortunately NOW I am feeling the need to complete my BSN so I have more opportunities. The only thing is that I have most of the prerequisite. Don't get me wrong. I am very proud of my BS in business but hasn't gotten me far in the nursing world. BSN seems very necessary these days
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    Realiety in nursing:

    BSN = BSN

    ADN + any other degree = ADN
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    I have a previous 4-year degree in Biology and it didn't help a bit to help me get a job. Everyone told me it would give me an advantage (maybe it helped a small amount), but it didn't help that I was competing against thousands of BSN grads with the ideal degree that all the hospitals wanted.

    Going back for my BSN this fall and can't wait to have those precious letters after my name!
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    ditto everyone else. another BS did not help me at all in the nursing world, EXCEPT at my facility those with any BS get paid $1 more per in about 50 years that degree (and student loan) will pay for itself....or something like that.

    i truly don't understand why nursing does not acknowledge any other BS. seems like a narrow focus to me. anyone else know??
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    The good thing about having a previous BS? Almost all of my pre-requisites are already completed! I have 27 credits of nursing classes and some exemption exams to take, and that will be all I need for the BSN degree. I would suggest you start the degree now and work on it slowly...even being enrolled in a program will likely help you in the job market!
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    Toledo university has the perfect program for you. Any bachelors degree to a msn in two years. It'll take the nclex at the end
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    It certainly can't hurt!
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    I received a BS at a 4 yr college and then went back and got my 2 year ADN degree. It didn't help me at all, BUT, once I left bedside, it gave me a huge leg up in obtaining jobs within research. Also, if you are interested in obtaining your masters, it may be quicker because I bet you have a bunch of the pre-reqs already completed. Best of luck!
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    You're probably a better writer and that extra umph on a cover letter could help you.

    (I know, it's a generalization. Generally my friends with 4+ years of university or above are better writers than those with less schooling. I'm also very aware that these skills fall on a bell curve and there are many great writers without a BS or BA. Please don't take offense.)
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