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The nursing program I teach in is undergoing monumental change, and I only have 3 credits of nursing to teach this semester. I also have administrative responsibilities. The dept chair has asked me to deach Developmental Math... Read More

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    Thanks for the encouraging words!! It is possible that the (higher)powers that be will not let me teach math--I hope it turns out that way. The position usually requires a masters degree in math or math education. The problem is, from my perspective, that developmental math is a very highly structured 4 credit course which goes at a fast pace. I would only have two weeks to prepare. The emphasis is on moving initially weak students to a higher level of algebra than has been the case in past years. I have sat in on some of the instructors' classes in the past and I can say that they are absolutely phenomenal. They tune into every student, and they tie in the math theory with every explanation. I don't think I could develop that level of skill in two weeks. I'm looking into some other options. In retrospect, I think part of my concern is the pressure that was put on me to accept this course. In my own experience, you are more likely to get a positive response if you ask respectfully than if you push - push - push.

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