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  1. damrcngrl95

    How has Obamacare affected you and your employer?

    Thank you. I had heard of the term Cadillac tax, but had never taken the time to understand what it means in context. This makes the original post clearer now.
  2. damrcngrl95

    How has Obamacare affected you and your employer?

    Maybe I have read this wrong, but this post doesn't make sense to me. How would a company suffer a "Cadillac tax" for offering better insurance coverage at lower prices? The whole idea of the ACA was to get rid of " junk insurance" and offer a good insurance at a better price. Not a lower price than the junk insurance, but a better price than the quality insurance that should have been offered.
  3. I wanted to clarify that I mean respiratory rate and not time.
  4. You can bring down high CO2s with higher volumes, increased respiratory rate, and longer expiratory times. If the patient is maxed out on volume then the next step would be to adjust respiratory times. This will increase their expiratory minute volumes and blow off more CO2.
  5. damrcngrl95

    I have questions about PRN work.

    Thank you all for the replies so far. It is common practice around my area to work for more than one hospital. The hospitals don't seem to have a problem with it. Your ideas of how you have scheduled work and stay organized has helped.
  6. damrcngrl95

    Obamacare? what are your thoughts

    The Tricare increase was less about the ACA and more because of cutting costs in the military. Plus, this is a new benefit for the reserve units that wasn't even a thought until 2003. Between all of the military cuts and the current increase of adding the reservist and their families, something had to give. I felt the government owed it to our reservist to offer this benefit because the reservist were deployed as much as active duty and couldn't keep their full-time civilian benefits.
  7. damrcngrl95

    I have questions about PRN work.

    I am being offered PRN work and I had a few questions about how it works. Do you work at more than one hospital? If you do, how many do you work for? How do you juggle your schedules and keep them from over-lapping? Do you let the other hospital know that you have more days for that week if you are told you won't be working that week? I just don't want trying to work at 2 hospitals to turn into a train wreck. What do you do to stay organized?
  8. damrcngrl95

    8 months as a nurse and I am failing miserably

  9. damrcngrl95

    RT Career?

    I know I'm answering late, but you really need to do your homework on what the employment rate is for your area that you want to work at. I am currently in the RT program and I picked because it was something I knew about. My children and I suffer from asthma. I have loved my program and everything I have learned so far. I am going to a public community college and I checked the stats on COARC and the AARC. The employment rate for my area for my school is at about 55%. My area is growing and so have the hospitals. They will need several new RTs when I graduate so I'm coming in at a good time. My husband is military and so at some point we will be moving. I'm hoping my experience will help at our new duty station. My program helps us to take the CRT and I plan on taking the RRT as soon as I have my CRT. I don't want to wait and lose all that knowledge. I have also spent the last 2 semesters picking the RT department managers brains on what they are looking for in an RT. That has helped a lot. In the city that I am in the department RTs are all RRTs and not nurses. They are very strong at keeping our department strong and hire people that show their worth. They get rid of the so called lazy RTs. The nurses and RTs seem to work as a team and really have a great working relationship. I do realize that some of our duties can overlap, but we both have a very important job. If you live in a place that doesn't see the value of the Respiratory department then you will probably be very frustrated in your career. So do your homework before investing in the program. Both nursing and Respiratory therapy are great careers, but they do have some major differences that you will need to consider. If you go into respiratory then that's pretty much what you will be doing. There will be different variations of the career such as sleep studies or PFTs, but respiratory is what you will be doing. With nursing, you have many avenues that you can change into. So if you don't like one department you can transition to another. There are over all more jobs for nurses, but they are having a very hard time finding a job in certain areas of the country. They graduate 40 to 60 nurses each year for our school compared to the 15 to 20 RTs. So it's like comparing apples to oranges on job opportunities. There are fewer RTs and fewer job slots compared to nurses. I will say that the respiratory department will never go away despite the rumors. Do a quick google search on the hospitals that did away with the RT department and you will see that preventable deaths went up. Nurses are very overworked and so all departments need to be pulling their own weight. I am currently in ICU clinicals and I have to keep up with 2 maybe 3 tubes going into my patient. Whereas the ICU nurse has many more. I have noticed that he/she has counted on me to keep up with my part so they can concentrate on theirs. There is a lot that goes on in critical care and it literally takes a village to keep some of our patients alive.
  10. damrcngrl95

    Deployed Army Nursing: Finally, Double Digits!

  11. damrcngrl95

    Deployed Army Nursing: Finally, Double Digits!

    LunahRn.... I'm a military spouse that is thankful to have my husband back. He left Jbad in September. I have empathy for what y'all go through, but I have never been deployed myself. This was our 4th deployment and each is very different. I feel like I have learned something with each deployment. You may startle easy over noises and may not sleep well when you get back. Everything will be an adjustment and it will take awhile to get adjusted. Allow yourself and your loved ones this time. It's normal and happens to us all. Open and clear communication is key. We started this the day he left. I explained what things had changed when they changed. I didn't want him surprised at how life had changed while he was gone. I had started my Respiratory program and it really sucks a lot of my time lately. My husband also needs a lot of loving words and so I make a point to make him feel special especially since he's been back. I also know that the only way we can get back to being a family unit is to include him in everything he can tolerate and add things as it gets easier for him. I guess the key will be your support when you come back. You will need to be honest with them when you need their help and even when you need time to yourself. I can't give you a soldier's point of view, but if you ever need a family member's point of view I'm just an IM away. Lol
  12. damrcngrl95

    Nursing student feeling incompetent

    I had the same issues, but also had problems with having to speak another language to the patients too. I would do really doofus things and I have no idea why. It has finally clicked this semester and I finally feel like I can do things with confidence. The biggest thing that helped was just going in and doing what I needed to do. The repetition made things easier and my teachers let me figure out a routine that works for me. So the nurses that have said to fake it are right. You will walk in to the hospital and it will just click that you have been making things harder than it needs to be.
  13. damrcngrl95

    Asthma death in Philly school

    As a parent of children with asthma, I put the most blame on the parents who were called twice. I know when my boys are starting to decline. I was this way even before I had any kind of medical training. I have been an elementary teacher and I don't believe that a teacher would pick up on the "asthma cough" my 8 year old gets before things get worse. Teachers on the whole will not have the insight that something is really wrong until it may be too late. The dad, who was called, would/should be very aware of the warning signs and failed to react to the call, failed to react to the child's reaction when she came home. This is a real shame.
  14. damrcngrl95

    Lazy nurses

    They don't have to have 20 years of experience to behave like that. It can be a nurse that only has a few years of experience too. If we look back in previous threads we can find a whole alphabet of people who don't really do their jobs. I wonder about some of the students in my own class who put forth the minimum effort to get by. I have to ask why are you here? The medical field is hard enough if you love it. I can't imagine what kind of depressing career this is if you don't like it.
  15. damrcngrl95

    Break the Silence: Report Bullying

    This is true and educating people on the differences would help too. Basically, a good class on interpersonal skills may be needed for some work places. I can see where getting on the bad side of an obnoxious person can turn into bullying. So my question would be, even though most things really are not bullying, why to we have to walk on eggshells for people who are hard to get along with? It still creates a hostile work environment when someone goes out of their way to be ugly or smear your name. It's the other people at the work place that give these people power. How nice it would be if someone said something ugly about another person and the others responded "we don't say things like that about others." It would stop the ugly rumors and model how it should be in the work place. Or while someone is getting chewed out in public that the person doing the chewing is told that things like that are handled in private and calmly. It takes the power of potential bullying away from a lot of cases. Of course some people are just evil and mean and need to be reported for their horrible behavior.
  16. damrcngrl95

    Dealing with family so draining

    I hope you get a reply to this. I know this question has been asked in other roundabout ways. We are expected to keep patient/ family satisfaction up, but I don't like seeing it pushed to the point that other patients' care suffers because of needy families eating into time. On the other hand I do feel that most families are just worried about their loved one and have kind of the squeaky wheel gets the grease attitude. I'm still in student mode and haven't had the reality of the "real" medical world.