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    How much schooling do you need to become a nurse educator? I read that you could have a bachelors degree and teach LPNS/LVNS. Is this accurate? Thanks in advance!

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    In my area (Tulsa, OK) a masters is preferred even for teaching clinicals as an adjunct (part time no more than 28 hours a week). I believe a masters in nursing (not an MBA or in another field) is required to become a full time instructor at the colleges, universities and tech schools here.
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    yea i i also believe you need at least a Masters to teach as an adjunct or to teach at community colleges.
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    Where I teach, it's required to have a MSN to teach lecture or part- or full-time. It's required to have a MSN or be in-progress to teach clinicals or adjunct. My school is a LPN to ASN and ASN school.
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    In Southern California you can can have an ADN with many years experience and teach clinical for Lvns that is the minimum I have seen. I have also seen a LVN with a bachelors in something else teach clinicals and lecture this is at a community college.

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    I am in Oregon, have a BSN with experience in hospital nursing and I am a clinical instructor at my local community college. I also help out in skills lab. Good luck to you!
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    I think it depends on where you are. I have an interview on Monday for a classroom LVN instructor, and I have a bachelor's. At my local CC, you need a bachelor's, and that is to teach CNA's.
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    Every state and potentially school is different. A master's degree was enough at one time but now many universities are requiring a PhD... check with your state board of nursing and look at the requirements of the job you are wanting..... like everything else in nursing, there are many roads to a single place, Good Luck!

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