Take big paycut and work more hours for possible better job?

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    Would you take a huge paycut and work more hours if there's a chance you would like the job alot more than your current job? I am considering doing this. I am considering taking a massive paycut, which would likely result in having to go from part time work to full time. I have kids, so this is my big consideration. It would be dayshift, M-F with weekends and holidays off, which would be better for my family overall. I wish I didn't have to be full time, but can't really afford to work less at the new lower wage. Hoping for some feedback on those that made the leap. Thanks.

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    If you would actually enjoy your job, I'd say take the new job. No point in staying at your current position if you don't like it.

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    If I would be happier then my family would be happier and life would be less stressful.....heck yeah I'd take a pay cut.
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    Loving your work is a battle for most people all their life, if you can be happy at work, and make it work financially by working more hours, I would say do it! Plus, if you love the new job, you probably won't mind being there more!!
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    I took that leap. I went from working swings at a SNF to doing HH over a year ago. I went from part time to full in order to get a similar paycheck. I miss my days off during the week, but overall I'm MUCH happier. It's more difficult to get things done at home, but during the school year when my kids are at school I am at work and I'm generally home shortly after they are, or some days I can even pick them up from school. I have to be oncall about once per month, but for the most part my weekends and holidays are spent with my family. It's as close to ideal as you can get IMO.
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    Been there, did that.....sorta. For me, it wasn't a huge pay cut, mostly it was a small pay cut BUT I lost the ability to work extra shifts, premium pay/holiday pay gigs, like that. I gave up the potential to make more money for the guarantee of LESS money. HOWEVER (and that's a big however, capital letters!) I traded that for straight M-F's, no major holidays, no nights, a better schedule overall for my family. I traded away a job that was beyond stressful for a job where the stresses are manageable and I really do like my job MUCH more. I still have unhappy days, frustrated days....but I'm glad I made the change.
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    I did something similar recently. Went from a very stressful atmosphere to hh. It's stressful too, at times, but overall I am much happier here. Much more support and less backbiting, etc. it was worth the payout to me.
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    I would and did... not a huge paycut though and it ended up being inconsequential with the hours I'm working/able to pick up and the incredibly lower cost of benefits.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! It would be close to 50% reduction from my current hourly pay. I work part time, but would have to go to full time to make up the difference and would make enough to support the family, but still a little less than I make now. My current job pays well, but it's VERY stressful and I know there has to be something out there that suits me better. I don't know for sure if I will love the new job that I am seeking, but I truly think I might, and am willing to take the chance (you really can't know until you try it). I have a child who starts school this fall, and I work evenings now, so am excited about moving to M-F dayshift which would be better in that I can see her every night after work (where working evenings I would not see her on work days). The hard part is, I don't know 100% if I will love the job, and I am taking on many more hours. No more weekdays off to run errands, do fun stuff with the kids, etc. But I am VERY interested in this area, and am very hopeful it would be a good move long term, as I might be much happier in this role. Just wanted to hear from others if it worked out for them. Who knows if I will even get offered the job? LOL. Thanks again!
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    Money isn't everything. I've taken a pay cut and been more than recompensed in mental health. My own.
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