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I have been working on a stressful floor for the last year and a half of nursing, and out of the blue got a call from an office I'd applied to a couple months back and had my interview for a home health position. They had me do a... Read More

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    Agree with joanna73 ... there is no law dictating how much notice employers can "require" when you separate from your job. However, unless you live in a state where state law dictates otherwise, you may need to meet the employer's policy requirements in order to retain benefits such as eligibility for rehire and payment for vacation/sick/PTO time accrued up until your last day of employment.

    OP -- your employer has a human resources policy manual, whether in a binder or online on the facility's intranet. Find it. It will have all the info you need on the procedure to follow to separate from your job.

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