Nursing as Second Career for Mature Professional w/Full-Time Job? Nursing as Second Career for Mature Professional w/Full-Time Job? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Nursing as Second Career for Mature Professional w/Full-Time Job? - page 3

Would someone please give me some feedback? If you are an entry level RN or an experienced RN or just like me - a wife, a mother of a 2 year old, a full-time professional with a Bachelors... Read More

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    Quote from Katie5
    Too much Grey's Anatomy me thinks. How would someone with a full time job, a two year old, a well paying job, up and decide to change.
    Is there any likelihood of your being laid off?

    :spin: There was also another poster here claiming they made 250 thousand dollars per year in their previous career and they decided to pursue nursing....
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    I agree with posters here about taking your time. However, the 90k is very, very doable in South Florida. Take your time, that's all.
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    Quote from journeyhope

    So, I need a sanity check from the folks in this great community - Am I crazy???? For some reason I feel I have the nursing bug. I've checked out numerous books from the library and I've been trying to register at Broward College to start my CHM1032 prereq - hopefully online if something opens up. I figure if I focus on my pre-reqs first and get A's then I can begin focusing on getting into Nursing School. However, all the schools in Broward County are full-time (clinicals during the day). Miami-Dade College is the only one that currently offers a part-time curriculum for full-time professionals (clinicals on the weekends).

    Right now, my husband doesn't support me in my current pie-in-the-sky dream because he says that nurses in South Florida only make 40K. I told him that I'd spoken to several nurses who made 50-60 K (with ASN degree and BSN). So, would someone out there shed some light on my very dark situation - am I crazy or just a glutton for punishment? Should I be saying hey I make good money stay put and forget about this nursing thing!

    Please help. :spin:
    Throwing away a 80-90K/yr job for possible unemployment, possible back injury and a stressful, difficult job, if you find one . . . you're crazy!!
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    I wouldn't do it again if I could have a do-over. I would have went to med school instead. Heavy debt for the BSN and a lot of regret. Oh well...
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    I agree, med. school!!!
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    Journey...I just ran across this old thread...and I was just checking in...wondering whether you made the leap or kept your feet planted to the ground? Any second thoughts/regrets/feelings of confidence you made the right decision...whatever that decision was...?
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    Why leave a good job that you like and spend money and time in something that makes less? It doesn't make sense. Nursing isn't all about helping people. A lot of it is task-oriented. Also, jobs may be hard to come by.

    Why fix it if it isn't broken?

    I like PP's idea about volunteering at a hospital or other place where you can help people. (:

    EDIT. This thread is old! Oops! What happened OP?
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    You will have to decide for yourself, of course. IMO, trying to juggle a full time job while raising a toddler AND going to nursing school sounds suicidal. Someone is going to get the short end of the stick. The thing about nursing school is you have to be 100% committed to it. I would recommend that you take your pre-reqs at a pace you can tolerate. Then when your child starts school, perhaps you will have more time and less direct responsibility.

    Personally, if I were to consider a career change at my age(50s) I would NOT choose nursing. Not at this age. I've put in 36 years of work experience, the first 18 years working in hospitals on the evening and night shifts. I have paid for that with a sleep disorder, type 2 diabetes, arthritis in my feett from all the standing and walking. Best thing I ever did was leave hospital nursing. I worked as a school nurse the last 6 years and even that became difficult as my arthritis got worse. I left school nursing and now I'm working for a non-profit, doing training and chart audits. Most of my day is spent researching files and writing educational materials, which I truly love. But I couldn't have done this job as a new grad. It has taken 36 years to get where I am today.

    Good luck. I hope you think really hard about this. I woudn't do it until your Husband is on board. Nursing school can be incredibly hard of marriages and families.

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