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  1. MacMaster

    Cna programs

    I went to star canyon. They made sure everyone was ready to test. Small class size. They had evening, afternoon and all day options. Their website does not have much info, but if you stop in and talk to ----------------, he was very helpful. Last I checked they were the top or close to it for pass rates. I even called the BON to make sure they were legit because concerned their cost was less and website was sparse. Took class about a year ago.
  2. MacMaster

    June 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    The policy places a freeze on hiring new people to fill vacancies....but says nothing about cloning ourselves...
  3. MacMaster

    May 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    My friends say I'm suffering from OCD because I see stethoscopes wherever I go....isn't that normal your first year?
  4. MacMaster

    My story and some questions from a confused older student

    Fromthe sea---I want to make sure we are on the same page. You, of course are in the trenches, I am not...but I think there is a misunderstanding. I agree with you that there is a difference between PCT's and CNA's (and that PCT's are a higher level position)...my point was that from my run-ins with other students is that the PCT class in and of itself is not enough and is not a stand alone credential...I always understood you first need your CNA license to get a PCT job, and that the extra PCT credentials come after you get the initial CNA license...which could then be obtained through a community college class, but is often provided by the hospital itself. Am I misinformed? Thanks!
  5. MacMaster

    My story and some questions from a confused older student

    From what I understand, the pct class is useless. To work as a cna in a hospital (which is typically advertised as a pct position) you will see you just need your cna license from a state approved school. Just look up available pct positions at Banner Health, for instance, you will see that having a cna license is what is required--not a pct license. Hospitals call their cna's pct's. In fact, I have spoken to students in the cna course that I took at star canyon in central Phoenix... The students said they could not get hired as pct's after taking a pct class. They had to go back and get cna license! Check out star canyon. Great program for cna. They had highest pass rate last couple years in AZ! I loved the small class size and very hands on instruction. Once I get around to taking my cna certification test, I hope to be able to get a hospital pct position to work part time while in school. So, like you, I am curious to know what the market is for that. I don't know if it will help get RN job, but I figure it can't hurt and the extra cash will be nice. I did some research a couple years ago and it seems most hospitals will require you to work full time for at least 6 months before reimbursing school tuition, and then require you to continue working full time while in school (which will not work for me while pursuing BSN - but likely more doable in a bridge RN to BSN program but it seems leas employers are hiring RN with ADN so you may be forced to work in some other capacity while getting BSN) but maybe there are other hospitals out there that don't require you to work full time. I am curious why you don't check out ASU's nursing program. No wait list like there is at the community colleges in Maricopa county. Plus, you can get a BSN in two years (or even 1 year) since you already have BA. Both programs are competitive and heavily based on Teas results and prerequisite GPA. Good luck!
  6. Journey...I just ran across this old thread...and I was just checking in...wondering whether you made the leap or kept your feet planted to the ground? Any second thoughts/regrets/feelings of confidence you made the right decision...whatever that decision was...?
  7. MacMaster

    ASU: what is the "typical" schedule (Mayo vs Downtown)?

    Thank you both for your informative feedback. SmilinJen, I am impressed with your family involvement and congratulations on a successful educational experience! And, wbthomas, good luck in this big semester!
  8. MacMaster

    Rio Salado Biology

    I also took Bio 1 and 2 at Phoenix College ONLINE and received A's. I like that format much better than Rio. FYI a real good tip is to find audio recordings of Anatomy lectures online. You can download and listen to them on your mp3. I listened to them in my car on my 45 minute commute to work. A lot of people will tell you how they think online courses do not teach you as much as in person classes, especially for lab work. But, I study really well on my own. (Some programs may not accept online anatomy labs...but ASU does and, of course, Maricopa does as well...not sure about the other schools...so be sure to check that out if you plan to apply to a different program...especially out of state programs.) The audio lectures were very helpful to bring the class feeling into an online program. I was able to download the classes from a different professor's website at Phoenix College. I was hoping to take his course, but he ended up not teaching online that semester. I know Berkeley has online audios you can download as well. Don't worry that the audios are not from your professor. The idea here is to learn the concepts and by hearing it as well as reading it, I think you grasp it faster and better. Good luck!
  9. I am trying to figure out which program will best coordinate with my husband's schedule so that we are not constantly hiring babysitters... ASU Downtown (summers off OR 16 month program): It is my understanding both of these programs are primarily week day, daytime programs, but that clinicals could be scheduled anytime. Can anyone give me insight into how many nights a week and how many weekend days a student is typically in class and/or working at a clinical site? This likely varies by semester and clinical site, therefore, a breakdown by semester would be great! Does the program tend to have certain nights/weekends that are more often required than others...(for example: always Monday nights and Saturdays...but never Sundays?) Mayo: I know they just changed the ASU Mayo Campus program to an every other Fall start, with summers off (compared to the previous summer start with no summers off). The next program is scheduled for Fall 2014... Looking at the ASU Mayo website, it states: "The majority of clinical course work will be completed on the Mayo Clinic campus on evenings and weekends." Again, can anyone give me any insight into how many hours this means you should expect to devote to the program in the evenings and on the weekends? And is this one (or two?) evenings a week, plus both weekend days? Or, typically three or four evenings each week, plus one weekend day? (If you could provide insight into what is typical, whatever it may be, that would be appreciated.) And, if it varies by semester, a breakdown by semester would also be appreciated. Does the program tend to have certain nights/weekends that are more often required than others...(for example: always Monday nights and Saturdays...but never Sundays?) Whatever the schedule is, I will make it work. I am just trying to pick the program that will have the best chance of coordinating with my husband's schedule. Thank you in advance!
  10. MacMaster

    how to schedule class and work

    Phoenix college typically offers completely online A&P 1 and 2. Very doable. Decent online lab. Much better format than rio IMO. Some students will scoff that you cannot learn A&P online, but if you are a self-starter and put in the effort you can do it and get an A (while actually learning the material). You know the saying...you get out of it what you put in it. Even ASU accepts the online lab classes for full credit.
  11. MacMaster

    Rio's Bio 201

    You may want to check out Phoenix College's Bio 201 online class. I see there are two classes available for the spring at PC. I took the class from the professor who is teaching the first-dated course beginning 1/14. He seemed to be a fair grader, and pretty responsive by email...but I did not email him on a regular basis. (I believe the other professor uses his same maerials, I just don't know how responsive to emails she is, or is not, or how she grades). The CD for labs was a bit rudimentary and not good for locating smaller muscles and bones, but it serves its overall purpose, and has a good index to help you locate the muscles, bones, organs, provided they are not the small or obscure ones. I took other science courses from Rio and personally disliked the application paragraphs for all written assignments (got A's but just found very time consuming and not necessarily germane to my studies for that class)..and personally disliked the midterms and finals...although still a difficult course (202 is more difficult because it involves much more physiology when you get into the cardio and such, and just more overall systems) ...PC has a much better format. Labs are VERY doable and not timed, quizes and tests are timed (as I recall) at PC ...but very doable if you have a good understanding of the material and you have your notes organized (everything is online and open book -- no in person exams). Overall, I really liked 201 as a class...gets you into the body and understanding the interplay between different systems. Just a lot of memorizing (but less so at PC than Rio since it is open book at PC). Good luck!
  12. I need to take Patho this Spring, online. (In person is not an option for me, although I know most, if not all, posters will encourage in class only for this course). The class is offered online at Gateway and Phoenix ...by profs whose last names begin with a "B"...(The course is also offered online at Mesa and Rio but I am not inclined to do Mesa course based upon reviews from Ratemyprofessor and am not a personal fan of Rio bio course formats in general.) Please, if you have taken classes from these professors online, please give me your candid advice regarding whether the course was taught well (dislikes/likes re format, grading, etc.). (You can PM me) There is no information on Ratemyprofessors regarding either professor. Or, if you have had good experiences with a particular Rio HCR240 Patho professor, please let me know that too (just in case I have to go that route). Thanks in advance!
  13. MacMaster

    ASU Post-bacc program

    ASU's 12-month post-baccalaureate program is definitely moving forward! Applications are due Oct. 1 (But you need to apply NOW to the ASU School of Nutrition and Health Promotion as a Health Science- Healthy Lifestyles Coaching major and be admitted there in good standing before applying for this program!) There are only going to be 40 slots available. But this year's crop won't be nearly as competitive as later years will be (or the traditional BSN) because so few people know about it, or have all the necessary pre-reqs completed (or to be completed by end of this year). The program will be SUPER expensive for 12 months (with books and fees and tuition it will probably be about $35,000!!!)...but I am stuck in Phoenix and cannot commute to NAU for their 12 month program, and really want to just be done with a BSN in 12 months. The pre-reqs are: BIO 201/202, Chm101, Mic205/206, CDE 232 (Human Dev.), HCR220 (Intro to Nursing Health Sys), HCR 240(Human Pathology), NTR241 (Nutrition), PGS101 (Intro to Psy), Stats, and general studies that should mostly be satisfied by your prior BSN, such as College Math. 6 of the 10 courses must be complete by September 1, 2011, but all of the science classes (BIO 201, BIO 202, CHM 101, and MIC 205/206) must be completed by Sept. 1 for sure, and must have been taken no earlier than Dec. 2005 for Spring 2012 applications (within 7 years). The remaining 4 may be taken in the fall 2011 semester. All other classes must be completed by December 31, 2011 to begin the 12-month program in January 2012. In subsequent years you will need to have all 10 classes completed before the Oct.1 deadline. To get an application, I think you have to set up an appointment with an advisor, by calling (602) 496-2644. Despite the cost, I am super excited this program is moving forward. So, who is applying this year?
  14. i'm still not even in nursing school but thought the below article from the phoenix business journal offers some hope for the new grads out there or those about to graduate (or those with experience looking to move to phoenix)! (the article does reference that there is still some reluctance to hire new grads, but i think change is afoot...) help wanted: phoenix-area hospitals looking to hire 4,000 phoenix business journal - by angela gonzales date: friday, june 17, 2011, 3:00am mst valley hospitals have jobs aplenty, with about 4,000 openings currently available for qualified candidates. [color=#1e79e9]abrazo health care [color=#1e79e9]abrazo health care, which operates five local hospitals, is gearing up to hire nearly 500 people this year to support its growth. the hospital system hired more than 200 people in may and now is looking to fill about 150 nursing positions, said guido de koning, vice president of human resources for abrazo. de koning said it is difficult to find nurses with experience in the operating room and intensive care unit, as well as those who specialize in cardiology. experienced physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists also are in demand. phoenix children's hospital plans to fill 200 positions this year to support growth. that's in addition to the 300 staff members who came from st. joseph's hospital and medical center when that hospital transferred its pediatric services to pch. scottsdale healthcare needs to hire 2,000 people to replace retirees and others leaving the hospital. it's already hired 1,000 employees this year, said spokesman keith jones. all types of workers are needed, including clinical, nonclinical, entry-level, allied health and professional. banner health, the state's largest health system, plans to fill 1,100 jobs by the end of this year, said spokeswoman nancy neff. the new employees are needed to fill positions left empty by attrition as well as new jobs created to accommodate growth, she said-particularly at banner md anderson cancer center and banner medical group. banner has hired 2,375 people so far this year. two new hospitals also are generating jobs in the local market. the orthopedic and spine inpatient surgical hospital in phoenix opened this week with 110 new employees, and officials there expect to hire 40 more as the facility ramps up this year, said beth long, the facility's human resources director. in addition, 250 jobs will be created when the peoria regional medical center opens next summer. laurie liles, president and ceo of the arizona hospital and healthcare association, said hiring has been relatively stagnant since 2009. she is concerned that cuts to the state medicaid budget will damage the local health care industry. "arizona hospitals can and should contribute to the state's economic recovery, but the continuing fiscal instability threatens our ability to do so," she said. "arizonans need financially strong hospitals they can depend on all day, every day." de koning said abrazo is positioned for growth, which is creating a need for more employees. abrazo recently opened a freestanding emergency department in peoria, north of its arrowhead hospital, and plans to open the west valley emergency center in buckeye in late july. "that's part of our growth," de koning said. and now that abrazo owns the arizona heart hospital and the arizona heart institute, the health system is expanding its cardiovascular services. "new positions and growth are coming from that service line, which is why we have a few positions open in specialty cardiac nursing positions," he said. abrazo also is expanding its occupational health services, creating a need for positions in that area as well, he said. plans also call for expanding abrazo's research services, he said. "we are developing a more formal program to grow the number of studies we are doing as a system," de koning said. "lots of studies traditionally take place in academic medical centers. in many cases, community hospitals don't participate in those studies very much. we are building our program where we will attract more of those studies." don evans, who recently retired as ceo of [color=#1e79e9]banner baywood medical center [color=#1e79e9]banner baywood medical center in mesa, said new graduates are having a tough time finding hospital positions, but "hospitals still look for experienced nurses." that's true, de koning said, but abrazo has a program for new nursing school graduates and hires about 100 nurses each year. these new nurses participate in a 12-week orientation program where they are mentored by experienced nurses and attend classroom sessions in groups of 25 before being placed at an abrazo hospital. "we started this program last year, when no one in the valley was hiring graduate nurses," he said. "all the graduates in the marketplace knocking on doors couldn't get in. there has been a huge interest and very grateful students."
  15. MacMaster

    chm130 (intro class) with lab - ONLINE

    Goodness! Thank you miteacher! I did not know South Mountain did online classes. Like an idiot, I think my original MCC search did not include South Mountain...I will give that a try...what is the format like at South Mountain? Is there just a midterm and final like Rio? Or is it broken into more segments for exams? Are exams in person at a testing center or school, like Rio, or is everything online like PC? I assume exams are not cumulative. And, any crazy application essays like Rio? Any insights are appreciated! Thanks!