ASU: what is the "typical" schedule (Mayo vs Downtown)?

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I am trying to figure out which program will best coordinate with my husband's schedule so that we are not constantly hiring babysitters...

ASU Downtown (summers off OR 16 month program):

It is my understanding both of these programs are primarily week day, daytime programs, but that clinicals could be scheduled anytime. Can anyone give me insight into how many nights a week and how many weekend days a student is typically in class and/or working at a clinical site? This likely varies by semester and clinical site, therefore, a breakdown by semester would be great! Does the program tend to have certain nights/weekends that are more often required than others...(for example: always Monday nights and Saturdays...but never Sundays?)


I know they just changed the ASU Mayo Campus program to an every other Fall start, with summers off (compared to the previous summer start with no summers off). The next program is scheduled for Fall 2014... Looking at the ASU Mayo website, it states: "The majority of clinical course work will be completed on the Mayo Clinic campus on evenings and weekends."

Again, can anyone give me any insight into how many hours this means you should expect to devote to the program in the evenings and on the weekends? And is this one (or two?) evenings a week, plus both weekend days? Or, typically three or four evenings each week, plus one weekend day? (If you could provide insight into what is typical, whatever it may be, that would be appreciated.) And, if it varies by semester, a breakdown by semester would also be appreciated. Does the program tend to have certain nights/weekends that are more often required than others...(for example: always Monday nights and Saturdays...but never Sundays?)

Whatever the schedule is, I will make it work. I am just trying to pick the program that will have the best chance of coordinating with my husband's schedule.

Thank you in advance!

I can only comment on the first semester (Junior 1) because that is what I have just begun. Classes are M-F starting at 7:30am. M-W-F classes are the theory courses. M & W get out around 1pm. F gets out around 10am (just 1 class on F). T & TH are the "clinical" days. T is the lab and Th is the clinical experience, if there is one, or lab practice. This is the 1st week of school and it all seems a little overwhelming to me with the amount of reading and time I need to commit to the program but I'm sure it will work out in the end. I personally like having summers off so I can work and save for the school year. Good luck to you whichever path you choose.

I didn't clarify but I am at the downtown campus.

I just graduated from the ASU/Mayo program in August. I loved it - smaller class size than downtown (we had 20, but they increased it for the next round to 28-30) and most of our instructors were nurses from Mayo, so they do what they teach. I thought we had amazing, caring instructors who really wanted us to succeed. As far as a schedule, there was no set, regular schedule like the downtown program. It changed semester to semester, sometimes partway through a semester. When I was there, "nights" meant an evening lecture that got out somewhere between 7-9p. As far as weekends, we often had labs or clinicals regularly on Saturdays. Some clinical rotations we'd have clinical Saturday or Sunday, but not both. Our LTC rotation was both, and was 2 weeks in a row, but that was it for the entire rotation. On average, I'd say we had class 4-5 days a week consistently, but also had times it was 6-7 days a week. Some days we were there 2-4 hours, some 10-13, but usually 5-8. We were given our schedules far enough in advance that it worked out and I didn't mind the crazy busy schedule all that much until I heard about the "easy" schedule downtown after I graduated. I was able to volunteer 4 hours a week at Mayo throughout most of the program (usually before an afternoon start class), still take my grandparents to most of their doctor appointments, and get good grades. I had a long commute and didn't have much of a life, but that's typical for nursing school ;-)

I would not say that downtown is "easy", but I would say it is not as chaotic as Mayo sounds. No weekends or evenings and the classes have set schedules that don't change throughout the semester. The clinical rotations for me were a bit of a drive, but it all depends on where you get assigned. I live in East Mesa and was assigned in North Glendale.

The block 2 schedule has classes on MTW and clinical on ThF. It is rumored to be the most difficult block of the program but I am looking forward to it.

Thank you both for your informative feedback. SmilinJen, I am impressed with your family involvement and congratulations on a successful educational experience! And, wbthomas, good luck in this big semester!

I meant "easy" as in the schedule is consistent - easier to plan and have a life :-) We rarely even had two days off in a row. ASU nursing is tough regardless of where you take it!

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