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  1. Hobberdog

    CRNA Tutor

    I am sure you have signed up for a study program like Apex, Prodigy, or Valley. Study like you want it and you will do fine. There is no easy way through it. Good luck.
  2. Hobberdog

    Interview Advice

    I don't know the program specifically, but for the most part they are not as concerned about the depth of your knowledge as much as they want to see your personality. They want to see that you are a hard worker and that you will be nice to work with. Anesthesia school is hard. You will be put to the test physically and mentally. They don't want whiners or complainers in the program because they will have to deal with that for 2+ years. Be positive, happy and energetic. Show how you have worked hard in school and as a nurse and will continue to do what it takes in order to be successful. Yes, they still want to see what you know, but that is secondary. Don't be afraid to say you don't know when they ask you a question that is out of your depth. Don't BS... they will know. Good luck.
  3. Hobberdog

    What do you think?

    What are you waiting for? Apply. I didn't get my CCRN, but I did take the GRE because the program I went to required it. I entered my program with 1.5 years of experience. Good luck.
  4. Hobberdog

    saving up for crna school

    I didn't save anything. Loans will be sufficient if you have to or need to take them. Obviously it's best to get through without them, but that is not always possible and I wouldn't let that stop you. Good luck.
  5. Hobberdog

    Crna school

    1. Yes you can shadow a CRNA. You will just need to find one willing to let you shadow them. I highly recommend this because you don't want to start down this path unless you are sure this is what you want. It's a long hard road. 2. The minimum requirement of most schools is 1 year of ICU. Most schools will want you to have more. I was turned down from one school because of experience (would have just had 1 year), but accepted to another with 1 1/2 years. I think it has a lot to do with how much you learn while you are an ICU nurse. Just because you are out of school and working does not mean you can take it easy. You will learn more in your first year as a nurse than you learn in your entire undergrad. 3. I found this site to be very helpful. Save Hours of Searching for the Best CRNA Program | All CRNA Schools 4. Military service is an option but I suggest you talk to someone who has gone through their program. There are military CRNA schools and there are scholarship programs where you choose your school, and they pay for it. At this time you must choose a doctorate program to qualify. Good luck.
  6. Hobberdog

    How do you survive?

    You will need lots and lots of loans. You will need to be prepared to have a co-signer if your credit is not great, or incase they decide not to give you the loan because you are not working. I am borrowing the max each semester and will have close to $230K in debt when I am done ($30K from undergrad). My situation is different though, I have 5 kids. Saving prior to school was impossible. Going to school with a large family is difficult, but doable. Just make sure you have back up plans for loans. Good luck.
  7. Hobberdog

    Samford Interview for January 2016

    From what I heard, the interview process at this school is more about personality and less about clinical knowledge. Smile, be yourself, and you should be fine.
  8. Hobberdog

    Years of experience

    I currently have 11 months as a Trauma ICU nurse. I was hired as a new grad. I will have 1.5 years of experience when I start CRNA school in January. Apply. The worst that can happen is they say no.
  9. Hobberdog

    University of South Carolina Interviews

    I interviewed on Tuesday June 8th. I got an e-mail this morning offering me a position in the program. I am beyond excited and nervous to begin! Now I have to figure out how to pay for it .
  10. Hobberdog

    Samford CRNA 2015 interview questions

    I got an email inviting me to interview the end of July. Now that you have finished a semester, how do you like the school? Any regrets or recommendations? Thanks.
  11. Hobberdog

    Samford CRNA 2015 interview questions

    Looks like you never got an answer to your question. I just applied and am hopeful for an interview in July. What can you tell me about the interview process now that you have gone through it? I would love any insight you have to offer. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hobberdog

    ASU vs. GCU RN to BSN

    Stay clear of the unheard of online schools (like Western Governors). Where you get your degree matters to employers and to your future. You will not be able to progress to a Masters from no name online schools.
  13. Hobberdog

    Kaiser Fall 2015, anyone

    Got my email on the 17th. Unfortunately it was not the email I hoped for.
  14. Hobberdog

    Brookline College and Northern Arizona University

    Every Brookline graduate I have talked to did not think highly of the program and the extreme cost. It is one of the most expensive schools out there.
  15. Hobberdog

    How to sleep for first night shift?

    I agree with iPink. I have tried staying up late and sleeping in the next day. That was probably my worst night of work ever. I have been on nights for a few months now and I find that taking a good 4 hour nap before work is all I need. I would try this first and then make adjustments where you need to in order to find what works for you. Good luck.
  16. I felt overwhelmed in my first month. I am now in my 3rd month and will be on my own in 2 weeks. The anxiety I felt is gone. I am ready. I look forward to every day. Give it time and you will too. There is a reason that orientation lasts as long as it does.