Need help with job offers!

  1. Hello. I think I've made my decision but just need help to kind of verify it. I will be graduating in one week with my BSN and have two job offers.. neither are really my ideal job but I understand in this market in a small area with 300 new nurses I'm lucky to have anything. One is for a LTC facility as a assistant unit manager.. salaried position.. pay is a bit lower than expected (42,400) but insurance is free so it kind of makes up for it and it's close by. The facility is ok and they did work with me on the salary as I asked for $2.00 more an hour and they gave it to me. I would be doing a combo of med passes and treatments, documentation etc. as well as managerial type things such as committees etc. The other job is the oral surgeon's office I currently work in as a secretary would like me in the back assisting.. I would push the meds during IV sedation, follow up with docs an pts, triage calls, collect hx and do assessments, monitor during surgery, etc. Pay would be about the same but insurance is the same as we already have I think. So anyways, just wondering which is the better option for a new grad? I don't think the office job would be great experience as I eventually would like to work OB in the hospital or in an inpatient psych unit (two very different fields I know lol) whereas the LTC I know would be better hands on experience but I know with new grads it isn't also the best to be in a managerial postion.. my thinking is they just call all RNs "managers" as I'm not the unit manager. nurse manager, supervisor, charge nurse, etc. I just know LTC gets such a bad reputation.. it makes me nervous to accept their offer. So I am thinking of calling this LTC in the morning and accepting but just wanted some opinions! Thanks!
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  3. by   twinmommy+2
    I would say no to the managerial position, get some experience first and then think about that one.

    As far as the other, even though you are already working in that office, I hope they plan on precepting you for a while before your out on your own with the procedural sedation and triaging. Those require a fair amount of nursing judgement you aquire on the job, not to mention the certification needed to administer the medications and monitoring the patients.
  4. by   OCRN3
    I would stay in the outpatient setting, it's like PACU and that experience is hard to get without ICU experience. Conscious sedation is a great looking on you resume, with that you can easily move into the PACU in the hospital. Just my opinion... Good luck with whatever you decide.

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  5. by   RNewbie
    I would say the oral surgery position. It will be good experience. It is hard to get into ambulatory surgery/pacu setting. You should be able to transition to a hospital position easily with that experience. The ltc position sounds like a bad deal. They are expecting you to work 2 positions for the price of one. As a new grad, why would they throw you into a management position? You definitely need experience before being in charge of anything. Good luck!
  6. by   sallyrnrrt
    RUNRUNRUN! , with the oral surgery position, you have received great advice from above posters,

    the oral surgery office is your best choice !
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  7. by   DoeRN
    Hands down the oral surgery office. A lot of LTC facilities call nurses "managers" but it's really a staff nurse position.

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  8. by   Tnyce
    definately oral surgery, you will get burnt out quickly with LTC and it's such a liability, don't do it to yourself!!!!
  9. by   born2circulateRN
    Oral surgery, IMO. It may not be floor nursing, which isn't all gold and candy anyway - but you will get lots of experience with your assessment skills and IV sedation. Also, I don't think you'd get burnt out so easily. And did I mention, tons of nurses would love to take that position. As far as LTC, there's nothing wrong with LTC - though I've never worked in one, but you would be an assistant manager - lots of responsibilities, then on top of that - they want you to work on the floor as well. Double work. So, if it were me, I'd choose surgery.

    Good Luck on your decision!
  10. by   HouTx
    I agree with PPs - oral surgery offer would be your best bet.

    LTC environment tends to have very few RNs. You would probably end up being held accountable for much more clinical responsibility than you are prepared for if there are no other RNs immediately available. In many states, including mine, the BON does not permit new grads to assume supervisory responsibility for the first 12 months after graduation.
  11. by   boushie87
    Well I ended up taking the LTC position.. and after two weeks I am going back to the oral surgeon's office! The LTC was not the worst but.. not using safe procedures/techniques.. the orientation was a joke, etc. I just don't want to learn things the wrong way nor did I see myself satisfied or happy in that position. Should have listened to my fellow allnurses!
  12. by   mandilee428
    I know this thread is old, but how did the oral surgeon's office work out? Are you still there and if you are do you like it? I would've gone w/the OS instead of LTC too. LTC experience will usually not get your foot in the door at a hospital and it sounded like the OS position would have been much more useful as a stepping stone into acute care. I have been thinking about going to work in oral surgery once I finish my degree so I'm interested in your experience there- thanks!