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Hello all, Would like to ask for any and all wisdom you can share about my current situation.. Recently got 2 job offers from a unionized organization.. all else being equal, the difference: one starts now, the other in 2... Read More

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    Seniority has not come to meaning ABSOLUTELY nothing where I work. I am in the middle of the pack so my opinion is not based on having high or low seniority if anyone wants to comment. I am just curious ...does seniority REALLY mean anything anymore??? I have seen that erode on our unit...all in the name of"self governance" because we voted in things like cutting our nose off to spite our face.
    People don't know when they have it good and supposedly the majority vote..or dont vote at all and the few passionate about a change have empowered themselves to MAKE that change. It comes back to bite them later...whine whine whine.. I am stocking up on some cheese to go with it? Suggestions for a good pairing?

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    In my local union those two months count towards the waiting time of a year to start contributing to the pension plan.

    Those two months also count to whatever waiting period you may have for insurance.

    And I agree with the others, the immidiate start date is always better than the wait and see start date.

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