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How Far Would You Commute for Part-time?

  1. 0 In this economy, with no other prospects how far would you commute for a part-time position that may turn to full-time in a few months?
  2. Poll: How Far Would You Commute for Part-time?

    • Not very far, LOCAL ONLY!

      31.00% 31
    • Less than 40 miles

      45.00% 45
    • 50-60 miles

      19.00% 19
    • 60-70 miles

      15.00% 15
    • More than 70 miles

      9.00% 9
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    15 minutes, max
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    I live in NYC so a 15 mile can turn into a 2 hour drive if you hit rush hour traffic. So for me, it's not really how far it is but how much traffic i'm going to encounter when i drive to get to a job. If traffic is not a problem then i don't mind travelling up to 50 miles for a job even if it's only part time.
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    It'd partially depend upon the shift length. If it were 12 hour or greater shifts, I'd be inclined to drive a bit further as your travel investment (in terms of both money and time) per hours worked is less. If it were 8 hour shifts like 45 minutes max, unless it were a job that I was really interested in (e.g. a desirable specialty or type of unit not available closer).

    As mentioned above, distance is a less useful measure for comparison due to variation in traffic patterns and road conditions. I am surprised by the poster who said 15 minutes max. While I just bought a house 6-7 minutes from work, I used to commute about 30-40 minutes each way. Are you at a point in your life where if you did take the job and it became full time you would be able to move closer later on? That might make a little temporary sacrifice more worthwhile.
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    No way would I spend that much time commuting. Life is too short. My drive is less than 5 minutes, and in good weather (9 months out of the year) I usually walk or ride my bike the less than 2 miles. My personal max is a 15 minute drive, but I probably wouldn't take any job I couldn't bike to in less than 30.
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    I'd drive 50-60 miles. Mine and my husband's commutes have usually been long, so it's something were used to.
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    Quote from DreamNurseRN
    In this economy, with no other prospects how far would you commute for a part-time position that may turn to full-time in a few months?
    The same distance that I would travel for a full time position.
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    The important wording in the original post is "with no other prospects," which leads me to believe that someone might be unemployed.

    If I had been unemployed with no other prospects in the foreseeable future, and I desperately needed income, I would drive in excess of 70 miles to ensure that I had at least a part-time paycheck and some experience.
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    Not I. I'd just move.
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    I'm with Blue Devil. I've done the commuting thing and it sucks. An hour to and from is 2 hours added onto my work day. If I needed the job, I'd move. After having lived 5 minutes from school and work, there's no turning back for me. Quality of life is a huge factor.
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    I drive 45 min-1 hour each way to my part time job. I wish the commute was shorter, but I am liking the job and it is worth the drive. I do wish my job was in my hometown! A 15 minute commute would be sweet. But I'm also not going to put in 8 hrs of work in a setting I don't enjoy just for the sake of a short commute.Not all specialties/shifts/employers are going to be available in the hometown. ;-)
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    [FONT=comic sans ms]As far as I needed to to have an income.
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    I currently commute an hour each way for nursing school, and it is NOT easy. At first I thought I could handle it, but after months of it, it's really wearing me down. Every day I have to get up an hour earlier than I would otherwise, and everyday I get home an hour later than everyone else. At first I wanted to work in the medical center where I do clinicals, but I can't imagine adding 2 hours to my work day every week (Think about it: a 12 hour shift becomes a 14 hour shift when driving is factored in). I'm now looking forward to graduating and working at my local hospital down the street.