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In this economy, with no other prospects how far would you commute for a part-time position that may turn to full-time in a few months?... Read More

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    I drive 45 min-1 hour each way to my part time job. I wish the commute was shorter, but I am liking the job and it is worth the drive. I do wish my job was in my hometown! A 15 minute commute would be sweet. But I'm also not going to put in 8 hrs of work in a setting I don't enjoy just for the sake of a short commute.Not all specialties/shifts/employers are going to be available in the hometown. ;-)

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    As far as I needed to to have an income.
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    I currently commute an hour each way for nursing school, and it is NOT easy. At first I thought I could handle it, but after months of it, it's really wearing me down. Every day I have to get up an hour earlier than I would otherwise, and everyday I get home an hour later than everyone else. At first I wanted to work in the medical center where I do clinicals, but I can't imagine adding 2 hours to my work day every week (Think about it: a 12 hour shift becomes a 14 hour shift when driving is factored in). I'm now looking forward to graduating and working at my local hospital down the street.
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    I commuted an hour and a half each way for a year, and although it sucked it was mostly highway which made it more bearable. I listened to some great books on tape, some music mixes I made, and it was "me time". It was not easy, the drive home when exhausted totally sucked. But that experience opened a lot of doors for me. I did have some coworkers that were willing to let me stay over in bad weather and I considered renting a room closer to work, but in the end I just wanted to go home at night.

    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If this experience could open doors for you and give you opportunity closer to home I would take it. Make sure you have a reliable car, triple a, cell phone, good tunes. I would also consider the length of the shift and how many days per week. That is not the kind of thing you can do 5 days a week, but 2 or 3 might be better. And if you volunteer to work weekends, less traffic and a shorter commute.
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    As a full time pre-Nursing student, my education comes first. I am commuting 5.5 hours a work day via public transport (that's right) for a lowpaying, temporary, part time job that doesn't pay enough to afford a car and requires me to stand outdoors for up to 8 hours a day in frigid temps. That is a 14+ hour day just back and forth, and then supposed to cook clean shower and study , do exams, notes, etc. at night. WITHOUT a job, I was often up until 5 a.m. completing schoolwork.
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    Currently I work from home and do home visits. Majority of the visits are homes within 10 miles. I used to cover a city that was around 45 minutes or more away. And even if I had only spent a few hours doing visits, if it was late in the day I would just get so tired driving, especially it was rush hour on the highway. I much prefer the 10-15 minutes I drive now. I mean, aren't we all dying to get home from work as quick as possible????
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    Well, this thread was awakened from a long slumber... but I'll bite!

    It would greatly depend upon the job, hours, and pay. Also, as someone indicated, the time spent commuting is a huge component of whether or not it's worth it to commute to a part time job. I once commuted 2.5 hours each way to a part time job. The net pay I got made the commute worth it.
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    I work in home health. I took an assignment that was a 90-minute drive one-way. After a month of 3-hour commutes, trying hard to stay awake behind the wheel, I just couldn't do it anymore.
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    For me, 1/2 hour max. Full or part time. My husband drives an hour, 5 days a week and doesn't mind (but we have very different personalities, mind you). When I had a job an hour away, I had major issues staying awake driving on the way home after 13 hours.
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    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    I work in home health. I took an assignment that was a 90-minute drive one-way. After a month of 3-hour commutes, trying hard to stay awake behind the wheel, I just couldn't do it anymore.
    I did the 3 hour drive for a year before I just couldn't do it anymore. I held out because they kept promising something closer.. Man the wear and tear on you and your car is terrible. Never again will I take a job with a commute longer than an hour.
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