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Just want some input. Would you rather commute a little over an hour (50 miles) to a job that is in the specialty that you want to make a career out of or stay at a job where the commute is short (15 minutes or about 10 miles)... Read More

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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    However, you err when you suggest it was delivered harshly. That wasn't the least bit harsh, lol. It is simply food for thought.
    It was some pretty self-righteous and self-congratulatory food for thought. If that wasn't what you were going for, perhaps you might want to consider your word choice.
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    I am not responsible if you infer something that wasn't implied.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    I am not responsible if you infer something that wasn't implied.
    Your post wasn't well received- that doesn't relieve you of responsibility of what you have written. You own your words.
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    I’d tell you what I’m thinking right now BlueDevil, about you and YOUR carbon footprint, but that would get me kicked off here. Just sayin’.

    And as for the question, take the job you would enjoy, and enjoy the commute. I know I do.
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