Commute for Job I would love, or less travel to Job I don't like


Just want some input. Would you rather commute a little over an hour (50 miles) to a job that is in the specialty that you want to make a career out of or stay at a job where the commute is short (15 minutes or about 10 miles) but you don't like the job?

I was offered an L&D position, which I will love. I haven't been able to transfer at my current place of work. I have over a years experience med-surg, and I have definitely had my fill of it. I have learned a lot and I am thankful of it, but I am not happy for multiple reasons. I just worry about the effect of the commute on my relationship.


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The commute will improve your relationship. Happiness can make all kinds of things better.

Andy Droid

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unless the job you don't like has a MASSIVE advantage (lots of money) over the other one, I'd say get a decent car with a half decent stereo and enjoy the drive every day.

Sure, the closer job would allow more time with the relationship.... but if you're not happy in the job, and are miserable every day at work, it's bound to spill over into the personal life.

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I'd do the drive, but have you considered factors of weather and the price of the commute in your budget? The wage difference/benefit cost aspect too? Are they important to factor in?

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I would never commute more than 15 minutes under any circumstances. Keep the short commute for now, and keep looking for a better position within a reasonable distance. 50 miles/minutes each way is simply insane. Not to mention, pregnant women are unbearable patients, lol.


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Since I have had to commute 54 miles each way for a job I hated. Heck yeah I would do it for a job that was in the specialty that I wanted.

Who knows you may move closer, or even enjoy the decompression time the commute gives you. Heck, pop in a CD and learn another language while you are at it.


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I've commuted 2hrs, lived in a hotel 'till I could find a place. I even moved 1/2 way across the country for one job. There's nothing, NOTHING better than a good job. We spend most of our waking hours at our job (therefor a good part of our lives). Have a good life, find some educational books on tape and get a another degree while commuting! My mother commuted for 2 1/2 hrs and got her MSN listening to books on tape out of it. Commute time is not wasted time.

I always account, if all things are equal, the cost of a commute and take that out of the salary, adding on my tax % on top of that (since I pay for travel with after-tax money).


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I would commute, enjoy my ride and enjoy my shift. Your more likely to arrive early since its an hour away. I just couldn't work somewhere I didn't enjoy working at, it's a job your going to be doing this everyday might as well enjoy doing it.

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Is it a night shift position? If so, I would not commute, only because it wouldn't be safe. My commute when I worked nights was only 25 minutes, and there were mornings I would have to pull into a truckstop to nap for 45 minutes before continuing. If that's not an issue, then I would absolutely make the commute. As someone else said, get a good stereo system, and make use of books on tape and podcasts.

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Another factor you need to consider is the far away job's on call requirements. Some places require that you need to be there within 30 minutes of a call in. Would that be something you could accommodate if you took the job?


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I drove an hour and a half to work each way for several years and enjoyed my job until they closed. I didn't mind the commute. I made sure I had my car serviced and in good condition. If if is something you would enjoy then go for it.

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Has none of you considered your carbon footprint and the environmental impact of all of these miles you are driving? I find that irresponsible. I live 1.5 miles from my office, bike to work most days, walk some and only drive in the very severe weather conditions or under exigent circumstances. I have probably driven my car or motorcycle to work on fewer than 20 days in the past 2 years. I would never consider driving 50 miles if I had any other options. It isn't all about you, you know. It is called being a good steward to the earth and the community.