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Oraelo's Latest Activity

  1. Oraelo

    NJNS convention

    New Jersey nursing students convention starts tomorrow. Anyone else going to be there?
  2. Oraelo

    Through the Hoops

  3. Oraelo

    Through the Hoops

    Seems like you actually spend more time figuring out how to do things your way than you would if you did things the way you are supposed to. If you ever do scheme your way into an RN license please let us know where u will be working so i can avoid that place like the plague.
  4. Oraelo

    First day of clinical rotation - your experience?

    My first day was on a med surg floor. We got our patients and their diagnoses the night before. I had one of the toughest professors and was determined to do a good job. I was up until 2 in the morning learning the patho of my pt's diagnoses, the treatments, the meds, everything i could know about this person. Then the next morning came, i arrived on the floor, and my patient had been transferred. Talk about deer in the headlights. I completely lost my bearings and struggled greatly for the first few hours until my professor threatened to send me home. At that point i realized that i worked way too hard for that to happen, went into the bathroom for a 60 second regroup, and restarted my day. Was a horrible experience but one i am grateful that happened. Got to think on your feet and be ready for anything. That day made me a much better nursing student.
  5. Oraelo

    What do I do? CC -> University

    Passaic and Morris and Sussex counties all have highly regarded associate RN programs.
  6. Oraelo

    How do I avoid the drama and cliques?

    I agree with the PP. lay low in the beginning and watch. You will soon figure out the people who should be avoided. But don't be too stand-offish because in that same time period you may also meet someone, who like you, wants no part of the drama and is there to learn.
  7. Oraelo

    Calling graduating class of 2014!

    Just finished clinical day #4. I am really loving everything about nursing school so far. Is it a pain in the azz? Yes. Am I overtired from lack of sleep? Yes. Does my brain feel like a water balloon so full that it could pop at any minute? Yes. But,..... It is all so very worth it. The time I have spent with the patients, one a week, from complete non-communicative bed rest to full walkie-talkies, has been so gratifying. I am a 40 year old nursing student who has had MANY "professions" through my young and stupid years. This is by far the best that I have ever felt about what I am doing with my life and more importantly what I am doing for society.
  8. Oraelo

    Tips on Choosing First Patient

    Wow you get to choose? Our CI let's us know what patient we will have. I think my school does this do they can select the patients on our wing that best suit our abilities at the time.
  9. Oraelo

    No social life...can anyone else relate?

    I take two hours off from school stuff a week. They just so happen to coincide with sons of anarchy and walking dead. My girl and me curl up on the couch and watch, and when they are over it is back to the books.
  10. Oraelo

    Test Taking Tips.... Add your own!

    The more you read something and the earlier you start the better chance of retention you will have. I write the definitions from every chapter, and take notes during the lecture on the printed out powerpoints. The more times I scan through those the more I seem to remember. Mix in some NCLEX practice tests questions pertaining to the chapters that the exam is on (lippencotts Q&A) and some practice questions from the CD that accompanied our text, and so far I am holding on to a solid A- halfway through my first semester. (2 exams and 4 quizzes)
  11. The commute will improve your relationship. Happiness can make all kinds of things better.
  12. Oraelo

    Calling graduating class of 2014!

    Clinical day two in the books. The day was soooo much better than last week. Think I am getting the hang of this. Now to study all night for exam #2 tomorrow. Good luck all.
  13. Oraelo

    You're going to think I'm nuts

    I am loving it as well, but I have to disagree with the PP. I love everything except care plans. Oh man they suck. Just happy to know that they will mostly go away after school is over.
  14. Oraelo

    Cleaning Watch for Clinical

    I use a watch that is a clip on. (kind of like a belt clip that you see some keep their keys on) when I need it I unclip it from my belt loop. Cost me $10 at Walmart. When it breaks I will just get another. Easy to clean and not on my wrist. (I hate wearing wristwatches)
  15. Oraelo

    Things you would LOVE to say to your nursing instructors...

    To my CI for today's first day of clinical in nursing 1. Thank you for firstly giving me that kick in the behind to get me restarted after i got frazzled and must have looked like a deer in the headlights. And secondly for your encouragement to "get back in the game" and the faith in me to let me get back on track. Wasn't a great day but could have been MUCH worse. I learned some things not to do today, but that is still knowledge learned that will stay with me.
  16. Oraelo

    Calling graduating class of 2014!

    Ok first day of clinicals in the books. What a disaster. Hopefully it gets better from here. Hell, no where to go but up. Got my Pt. yesterday and spent hours understanding and learning everything that I could about diagnoses and meds that she had. First thing this morning I found out that my Pt. was transferred. I know it happens, and I have to roll with the punches, but I was not ready for this. I resembled a deer in headlights when I got my new Pt. who had a shopping list of diagnoses and a small novella of meds that he was on. My feet were knocked out from under me and I was having trouble recovering when my CI threatened to send me home (rightfully so) because of my fumbling. That was the point where I had no choice but to regroup. I worked to hard to get here to be sent home. The second half of the day was better and I ( even if just a little) think I redeemed myself. The day sucked, but it could have been much worse. I am very happy for the CI that I have. I needed that matter of fact kick in the azz. Thanks prof. B. I made it through the day, took care of my Pt. and left to carry on for another day. What's next. BRING IT ON.

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