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Having been guilty myself of hijacking threads saying hello and just chatting to my fellow Aussies I thought it might be worthwhile for us to have a thread that is just dedicated to general Aussie chat. We can then discuss... Read More

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    hello guys,
    im new here...im a nurse abroad and im about to start my bridging course in victoria but i have a hard time earning money, it'll cost me a lot of money...however, im considering applying to queensland nursing council because it wont cost me that much...is that a good move?

    has anyone here already took the Competency assesment in queensland? is it really hard? btw, whats eduaction module?

    thanks in advance.

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    LOOKING FOR A GLOBAL PARTNER willing to know Nursing issues in your country:
    Hi! I'm a grduate student looking for a graduate nurse to converse regarding nursing in your country as part of our assignment in class. Any response will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Just wanted to say hi.
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    Hi Yvonne - welcome to the Aussie/NZ forum
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    G'day and WELCOME!
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    Hi everyone, I don't really have anything to say today other than how great this forum is. I'm new to allnurses but already addicted!
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    Weclome, Janis! Glad you're enjoying the site
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    Yes, i am lurker not a poster but i wil contribute more. One thing i have always wanted was to publish/promote the stories of the 'wiser' nursing generation before me ( i am 30). What do you think?
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    I think it's a great idea, yanmah. I work in aged care and often hear some wonderful, weird and heartbreaking stories from former nurses.
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    Quote from gwenith
    Hi Grace!! I am working with a couple of New Mexicans at the moment (and one Californian - the American invasion has begun) They can't get over some of our expressions like "Ta" for thank-you and "Boxing Day". Though with that lot I am not too sure who is pulling whose leg:chuckle

    Thanks for the laugh, you caught another Yank sneaking around! The bet here is now that the Obama has been elected President in the States, you'll be seeing more than a few more Americans with nursing licenses at your door. Thought of it myself, frankly... Oooppps, guess I shouldn't be getting political on this board.

    Don't worry about your sayings and lingo being incomprehensible to American ears, I imagine lots of ours do the same to folks who come here, though Hollywood "exports" our slang pretty well, or at least the California version of it.
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