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Every now and again there is a moment in our jobs which lingers in back of our minds, niggling at our focus, bobbing on the outskirts of all other important thoughts and well, just generally being a royal pain. I first wish to... Read More

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    I will never forget the face of the OR nurse I had when I needed emergency surgery 1,200 miles away from family... There were no conscious prayers said (by me, anyway), but I felt SAFE with her and that made all the difference.

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    Not only prayer but I've seen where Catholic Last Rites (they call it something else now) bring relaxation and a peace to even the marginally responsive residents. When I know about services, I will always accompany the priest into the room if just to join with a reverent Amen. It too is very moving.
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    I must say you made me reflect on times when I was with a resident/patient and sat with them or prayed. It is something that one can never forget. I had shivers the whole time I read your entry and it was very touching. Thank-you.
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    I have seen this scene replayed over and over again through the years. That regardless of one's own religion an entire room stopping it's motion in respect and camaraderie in a moment of silence. It's one of those moments that makes me realize the privilege it is to be a nurse. To be allowed in to someone life however extended or brief and have them change or effect you forever.

    I have been unable to put it into words.......thank you for saying something so beautiful and eloquent.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I think in our busy world we often forget what a privilege it is to be entrusted with these patient's lives, and you've reminded me that whatever I believe in is not as important as helping my patient to feel safe in their most vulnerable states. Your story is a true inspiration to the profession.
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    I'm going to school now to be a Registered Nurse. I believe that nurses are very special people and it takes a certain kind of person to be a nurse. You can't just want to be a nurse, you have to want to help people, and have a general care and concern for human beings period. And after reading this it just confirmed that for me. I love nurses!!
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    I think school teaches us any kind of emotional interaction is unprofessional so maybe the question is really asking. "I noticed that your pray with the patient. Can I?"

    I'm an atheist but if my patients want me to pray with them/for them I will. Every time. I think that's what makes me a professional I will provide for my patients above my own beliefs.
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    simply sublime what the op has bestowed upon us...mahalo & aloha~
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    Thank you for your post . I also feel that a prayer is all we can say sometimes. Praying brings a world of comfort and keeps me moving during overwhelming situations such as a code or rapidly deteriorating patients. We are mere humans and we can only do what we know. Its up to the God above us to carry out His plans.
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    Beautiful. Thank you.

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