Smokers need not apply?

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    So I've reached my 2 year mark & getting a little restless, toying with the idea of moving into a different dept or facility. I was looking at a website for another hospital & they have posted that they will no longer hire anyone that uses nicotine which will be screened for during the employment physical. Not an issue for me, but I found the bold underlined statement a little jarring. I understand that in healthcare we want to promote healthy lifestyles, but dictating personal legal habits to employees is a bit of a push don't you think? Is this common in other areas & just reaching my neck of the woods?
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    Do a search here on - it's been discussed quite a bit. And yes, it is becoming quite popular.

    As is a mandated flu vaccine. Personally, I don't have issues with either one of those things, but both of them certainly get people up in arms.

    I say, if you don't want to work for someone who mandates those things, don't apply there.
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    It is not an uncommon policy, neither in the healthcare industry nor in other industries.
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    My hospital system has recently gone smoke free with hiring and sent an email out in July stating current employees have exactly 12 months to kick the habit. The argument I hear a lot from managers is that it cuts down (a lot) on breaks staff are taking outside of designated ones. Hospital nurses are given two 15-min paid and one 30-min unpaid (lunch) breaks...granted we all know these breaks are often a far cry from what other professions would call a "break". When I worked the floor I was constantly asked to watch patients of smokers, I hated it.

    This year employees are forced to either get a flu vaccine or sign a waiver & take an online education module.

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    Part of it is likely due to health insurance.

    If you ran a cab company, who you hire drivers who were at a high risk for accidents?

    Assuming I am a hospital, why on earth would I hire a smoking nurse if I can find a non-smoking nurse?
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    here in ct too. my employer has a policy to either get the flu vaccine, or sign the waiver and you MUST wear a MASK during the flu season at work if you dont get the vaccine. thats wear the mask EVERYWHERE on the premises!!! all day!!!. i was shocked. i just started there.
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    also, no smokers are hired
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    Discrimination. I don't see them blood testing for residual alcohol and refusing to hire anyone who drinks because they tend to call out with a hangover. ( no, I don't smoke)
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    Quote from Caribbean Character
    Discrimination. I don't see them blood testing for residual alcohol and refusing to hire anyone who drinks because they tend to call out with a hangover. ( no, I don't smoke)
    No discrimination is present -- smokers are not a protected class.
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    We haven't gotten there yet, but we do get a 25% discount on our health insurance premiums if we are non smokers. I'd be more likely to lose a few pounds if we got another 25% off for being in a healthy BMI....
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