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So occassionally I'll see a nurse or doc with a nose ring, or tongue ring. If it is not for cultural purposes, I personally find that it truly takes away from the professional look we are supposed to have while at work. I'm a... Read More

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    Keep in mind, everyone was outraged at the thought of nurses wearing any color other than white, now Royal Blue has pretty much become signature. I think individuality is a good thing, Lord knows I never would've become a nurse if we still had to wear those hats. I'm an OR nurse, so I ended up wearing a hat at work anyway.
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    not shocked at all. and if another person's nose ring is accepted due to "culture" someone elses sure as hell better be too! same with head coverings. the nose rings look just the same on Indians or white hipsters from brooklyn. every body piercing is cultural as is "acceptable" hair color , jewlery and make up. i never got the "natural haircolors only" . most people that due thie hair blonde or red look anythiny but natural!
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    Quote from SaoirseRN
    Just pointing out that the existence of a facial piercing doesn't mean (or show) that an individual is unclean and unable to care for themselves.

    They may have similar makeup, hair, and scrub habits as you, plus a nose ring. I'm not seeing how a small piece of jewelry could make the difference between professional and unprofessional in and of itself.
    I think you misunderstood me. I did not say people who have tattoos, piercings, and wear no makeup are not clean! They probably take a shower 5 times/day! I know piercings, tattoos etc are habits/ passions just like makeup. I said makeup is my other passion, and when I go to work I want to look professional, I make changes to my makeup looks- I don't wear purples, crazy colors! I tone it down by wearing neutrals! People should hide tattoos and remove piercings for 12 hrs, its not the end of the world. I don't think any patient would like to have a nurse with sleeves of tattoos, 10 facial piercings, heavy makeup, messy hair, stained scrubs. She might be the best nurse in the world but people are still judgmental, sad but true. I want my patients and coworkers to remember me by name, and not call me " the purple hair lady, the tattoo lady, makeup lady! I care a lot about the appearance in myself and others! By appearance I do not mean beauty
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    I wear rubber soled shoes, so I've never been shocked by a piercing.
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    No I dont think theres anything wrong with it, like others have said, times change. As with anything as long as its unobtrusive and the person doesnt play with it, ect. Many people have nose studs, eye brow piercings ect at my work. But I found it funny when I got my lower lip pierced (the smallest little diamond I can put in it), my manager at first wanted me to take it out for work. I put a retainer in for a bit, but eventually just left in the jewlery, most people dont even notice it or if they do they compliment it. Taking it in and out is a pain, you loose the retainers, and the lip one grows over quickly if nothings in it. If everyone else can have nose rings, why cant I have a lip ring? I dont like my nose so why would I draw attention to it. My boss quit bugging me about it after a while I think tattoos are fine too as long as they arent pornographic then cover up up, but otherwise I think theyre fine ( i dnt have any though).
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    Appreciate every ones input !!!
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    Depends on the culture of the facility and the city. We have nurses with full sleeve tattoos, despite it being a fairly conservative hospital it is a very liberal city.
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    I appreciate people who don't feel the need to look exactly like everyone else.
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    No real opinion on the professionalism. But they are banned where I work, and in most places that require you to interact with people you would not be able to wear them.
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    I don't think its professional, but if the facility allows it then there isn't anything to do but accept it.

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