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So I became sick (cold or god knows what-np fever but a lot of mucus, runny nose, weakness etc) yesterday. I was assigned a new patient for today (home health) at my part time job (I have two home health jobs). So I called my... Read More

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    Quote from kcmylorn
    I think you may just have to buck up and toughen up. Your not going to be able to call out sick during labor and when the baby comes. .
    Well, yeah...when she's in labor, hopefully that will be a good enough excuse to call out sick.

    Although, I did actually work my last shift while I was in labor. It seemed silly to go home when I would just have to turn around and come back again (I worked in L&D). I finished my shift, punched out, went into a labor room, my best friend checked me, I was 6cm, and I gave birth 4 hours later!
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    Pretty much everything that can be said has been covered. Thread will remain closed.