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So I became sick (cold or god knows what-np fever but a lot of mucus, runny nose, weakness etc) yesterday. I was assigned a new patient for today (home health) at my part time job (I have two home... Read More

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    Okay everyone - there is a time for "if you don't have something to contribute" it might be better not to post.
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    I'm sorry you didn't feel that well, my personal rule was always to call two hours ahead. There was a time when I was pregnant where I missed the rule by 5 minutes. (Non stop vomiting prevented me from calling on time)
    If your work really did say "nurses don't get sick" it's her taking her personal feelings out on you, which isn't appropriate. If she often treats you like that then perhaps you should find another employer (after the baby).
    I worked at a very hostile environment when I was pregnant...everyone there was miserable...I used part of my maternity leave to line up a new job and was much happier after that.
    It sounds like it's a one time isolated incident, so hopefully things will improve after, she should know you are a reliable employee just having a rough time between being sick and pregnant.
    I've never been asked to work with a fever, if you have a fever, you are sent home, it's the policy. Anywhere that wants you to work with a fever is a horrible place to work. But I know what you are saying about putting nurses last. I refuse to work at those places anymore.
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    I think you may just have to buck up and toughen up. Your not going to be able to call out sick during labor and when the baby comes. If the baby is sick and your sick- that baby can't take care of them self. With parenthood- the coddling of oneself days are over.

    Pregnant or not- not giving sufficient call out notice is unprofesional and irresponsible. I'm sorry you maybe pregnant but the nurse manager isn't so healthcare/homecare marches on.Pregnancy is a normal part of life not a debiliting disease.
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    Wow people are so insensitive!

    I hope you feel better
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    Quote from kcmylorn
    I think you may just have to buck up and toughen up. Your not going to be able to call out sick during labor and when the baby comes. .
    Well, yeah...when she's in labor, hopefully that will be a good enough excuse to call out sick.

    Although, I did actually work my last shift while I was in labor. It seemed silly to go home when I would just have to turn around and come back again (I worked in L&D). I finished my shift, punched out, went into a labor room, my best friend checked me, I was 6cm, and I gave birth 4 hours later!
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    Thread closed for the time being.
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    Pretty much everything that can be said has been covered. Thread will remain closed.