Can a Nurse have a Tattoo???

  1. My mom keeps on telling me that Nurses can't have any tattoo or even any piercings, like industrial or cartilage or any thing like that. IS IT TRUE?!?!?!?!
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  3. by   Pneumothorax
    Quote from futurenurse'15
    My mom keeps on telling me that Nurses can't have any tattoo or even any piercings, like industrial or cartilage or any thing like that. IS IT TRUE?!?!?!?!
    U can but they can't be like on your face or one of those chest pieces or a sleeve. Some have a zero tolerance policy, other. Orgs say, cover it up with something like a bandaid watch etc.

    Better to use ur judgement and lean on the side of professionalism and get them in places that won't be seen with your uniform / scrubs on.
  4. by   Morainey
    Yeah, you can have tattoos. I myself have two, but they are both easily hidden under scrubs (intentionally, when I got them I made sure of that).

    Some places specify no visible tattoos. I've had classmates/coworkers with tattoos on their forearms, it's a tossup between facilities. One place said you have to cover it, but no long sleeves, so she got one of those UnderArmour things softball players wear when they slide on their elbows.

    I have a cartilage piercing in my ear that no one has ever said anything about. Nose rings are kinda iffy. A teeny tiny little stud, sometimes nobody cares. Like I said... depends on the facility.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    Depends on the facility and how frequently they revise their dress code. We used to not be able to have any nose piercings. Now up to 1/8" stud is allowed, anything else needs to be required. Many people have tattoos that are visible and have added to their collection. Not sure what the exact policy says, but I made sure mine was able to be covered when I got it. I've seen nurses with the rings inside the earlobe (is that what you mean by industrial piercing? Not sure what that is). Also, enforcement depends on where you work. I'm OR, so with the jackets for circulators and sterile gowns with sleeves for surg techs, those arm tattoos are hidden. We're also stricter on jewelry- not allowed other than one pair of stud earrings that must be inside the hat. No rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, what have you. I've seen nurses on the floors totally blinged out- not sure how that works with hand hygiene for some of them, and I sure wouldn't want my really long necklace dangling in some nasty infected wound.
  6. by   noahsmama
    There have been multiple threads here on this topic in the past. I recommend using the Search box at the top right and searching on the keyword "tattoo" to find them. The short version is that it depends on where you live and the particular hospital's policies.
  7. by   eatmysoxRN
    I hated and stressed in nursing school because I have a tiny heart on my hand... It is in the bend between my thumb and my pointer finger. Let me tell you, it was the WORST place EVER to have to wear bandaids. ESPECIALLY when I had to change it every time I washed my hands... Some of my clinical instructors told me to get the bandaids off STAT. If it wasn't covering a wound, the tiny heart wouldn't offend anyone.

    Seriously, I don't know why tattoos and piercings have to be deemed unprofessional. I can understand not having so much metal on your head the MRI machine would suck you up from across the hospital. But a few piercings that don't dangle (ripped eyebrow area r/t crazy patient who yanks it out = ouch). No less, I think that unoffensive tattoos shouldn't be an issue.

    Since I've been working, I haven't covered my tattoo. Although one of the places I've worked for had a strict no tattoo policy, they even said that it would be better to show then to try to keep nasty bandaids all day.

    I do plan on having it removed. Quite honestly, we do live in a society where most decent paying jobs that are common and practical do not allow you to express too much individuality with piercings or tats.
  8. by   night-billy
    I work a late night shift and even so visible tattoos are not allowed. I have a large tattoo on my left forearm. Wearing a long sleeve shirt just doesn't work for me. I have tried quite a few different options. Removal is not something I want to even consider so I've been wearing these Ink Armor tattoo cover up sleeves. If you get the right size they work really well.
    Make sure you get the right size as they will stretch around your arm a bit. I don't regret my tattoo as it is dedicated to a relative of mine that passed away. As long as you don't get a tattoo on your face, hand or your neck there are cover up options. I have found the tattoo policy varies quite a bit from place to place.
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  9. by   turnforthenurse
    You can have tattoos but a lot of places will request that you cover it up if it is visible. We had an RN who had a tattoo behind her ear but she always covered it up with a bandaid. Not sure about piercings...I would think a nose ring, lip or Monroe piercing would be iffy.
  10. by   Hay, RN
    I am a nurse and I have 13 tattoos. (:
    Also had my tongue pierced when I started at my current job but I let it grow up. ;x
  11. by   sMoLsNurse
    I know a nurse who has 33 tattoos.. She works at a prison O.o
  12. by   shay&lynn
    Quote from MolsLPN
    I know a nurse who has 33 tattoos.. She works at a prison O.o

    I have six tatts, one is on the back of my neck. Our school asks that you cover them up for clinical and competency. Problem solved by wearing my hair has to be pulled up if it's longer than shoulder length, mine is shorter than shoulder length.
  13. by   destova
    This topic reminds me of a gal I went to lpn classes with. She had tattoos around both wrists and the clinical instructors had her wrap them in gauze... not the best idea, as it then looked like she had tried cutting both her wrists! After a few weeks of clinicals, she just went with wearing fitted long sleeve tees under her scrubs. Poor girl always looked so overheated!!
  14. by   canned_bread
    I researched this issue myself. Some private hospitals have dress codes and visible tattoos and piercings (other than single ear ones) are not allowed, however the law says you can't discriminate... so it's interesting. I guess you just have to hide them at the interview.