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Hello Nurse Beth, I am a 42 year old wife and mother of 3 children 9, 4, and 3 still at home and considering a career change. I have had a life changing experience which has pricked my heart to... Read More

  1. by   tidynurse
    I'm 40 and just beginning my career in nursing. I don't have any problems keeping up with my much younger classmates, or with the nurses I worked alongside in my internship in the ED. Go for it. Your life experience is pretty useful in nursing.
  2. by   almondsprout
    I did rhis. You can too. I am 45 and finished each leg of this race in the top tier of my class. I graduated 3 years in a row--LPN, ADN, BSN, and now await the good word from MSN admissions. You have an advantage of looking at things in a seasoned, experienced way that will be a great asset for you.

    Unlike your younger classmates, you likely won't be snapchatting yourself doing shots at 11am after the exams. Some things may make you feel like the mom of them all. Some will make you glad you didn't spend your earlier days doing that. It also makes you pray for your own kids who will or are In the thick of it too. In other ways, it will remind you that you are still young. That's always a good thing.

    Those life-changing events can drag you down. Good for you in looking for a silver-lining. May you be encouraged and energized by it all.
  3. by   mkaringm1
    I was 43 when I graduated. Hardest and most rewarding task I ever accomplished. I am now 45 and returned for my BSN. At 46 I will start my MSN NP program.
    Yes it's hard but worth it.
    Go for it. Your kids will see hard work pays off. My 16 yr old is a sophomore in high school and is taking a full load at college. He will walk both for his high school diploma and an associate in science. I asked him why and he said I inspired him to work harder
  4. by   EddieG207
    No! I'm 49 and graduated in December 2013 with a BS in Nursing. Best decision I've made. Working as a RN on a med/surg telemetry/step down floor can be hectic and stressful but I love it and multiple lateral opportunities exist.
  5. by   futurepsychrn
    Thank you ☺
  6. by   blaundee
    I'm glad I found this thread. I'm 35, and wondered if I'm too old to become an RN. I want to begin taking my prerequisites this fall. I've actually wanted to be a nurse for several years, but I kept telling myself that this or that is more important, that it's a lot of money, and that I'll be too old once I graduate... then it recently dawned on me that if I'd begun school the first time I told myself that, I'd already have been a nurse for several years! So... I'm doing it. THIS FALL. Not next fall, not someday... I'm doing it.
    I know it'll be tough, but I believe it'll be easier NOW than it would have been 10 years ago when I was mentally unprepared. I'm ready now, I have perspective , and I am going to do it.
  7. by   knicoll71
    My daughter is 13 and will be a high school freshman in the fall. She is also taking as many college classes as she can (dual and concurrent). She wants to graduate with an assoc. of science and enter nursing school as a HS senior. I'm currently a student (45) and will graduate next spring. Love this!