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  1. I don't know what you did " wrong" either. Your nurse manager or administrator must have issues re; this. One would have to be pretty cold not to soothe a child patient . Very odd. What does your Union say ?
  2. rudecat

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I stand corrected ....,reckless homicide. That said, my views on this matter have not changed.
  3. rudecat

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    True being charged is different than being convicted however I can see where to many on a case like this where it could mean the same. Like it or not, people judge us especially when something goes amiss. I too always followed the 5 rights yet there is always room for a mistake especially now with the newer medication systems . I still say discipline yes of course but murder no.
  4. rudecat

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I still do not believe that she should be charged with reckless homicide. An unfortunate error. It doesn't mattet if she's a BScN it happens. This needs to be dealt with but not reckless homicide as she was neither drunk nor on drugs at the time of this incident. A horrible mistake
  5. rudecat

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Any nurse who says she's never made a med error is lying. We've all heard this. Its unfortunate that this happened however I cannot see any malice . It was a tragic mistake and no i do not think that she should be charged with homicide and or if this is the only flaw against her then her College should look to help her not punish her
  6. rudecat

    Is this a breach of confidentiality?

    No, you didn't share any personal information regarding the other patient .
  7. rudecat

    Workplace Harassment forced me to resign

    I know, I too loved my job and left work because of stress r/t pressure at work. Harrassment from management got yo the point that I did have a break down . Still I would never change my profession. Get a lawyer and have your union behind you . good luck .
  8. rudecat

    42 Years Old - Is it too late to become a nurse?

    It is not too late to become a Nurse if this is your passion. I enrolled in the three year nursing program at 40 after a life change and raised two young daughters . I loved my nursing and had a great career , my daughters say I inspired them to seek higher education ( this makes me proud) Trust me, there is nothing more rewarding I don't think than being a Nurse . It's something you not only love but fall in love with if that's possible . Wishing you all the best if this be your choice of profession. RC
  9. rudecat

    Being Treated Poorly by an RN

    Well good , you're. CNA and obviously the only one who knew how to turn off that light , I wouldn't read too much into it. She probably mentioned your designation so all present would know you belonged there. .
  10. rudecat

    Gossip Girls... (And boys)

    Gossiping is a form of violence. I had worked with a few nurses in a small unit where not only the nurses gossiped but the manager as well A very unhealthy situation . If you like your job ( other than these few nurses) and you can tolerate their lack of respect for you and others then you have a decision to make If it's to the point where it effects your well-being them perhaps it's time to move on. I eventually did . Good luck with whatever you decide
  11. rudecat

    Overweight RN talked about

    most of us do tend to look when someone is too heavy or too skinny , whatever. However, that said, everyone apparently noticed this RN that particular day and you witnessed a few staff being rude. How sad for them .
  12. rudecat

    No call no show, and feeling terrible about it!

    It's done, it happens , it's a learning experience. I can't imagine why you would want to give up nursing because of this. It sounds as if you might have a little self esteem issue thinking so harshly of yourself over this lack of communication and that's what it was . From now on,no matter where you are employed you'll need to familiarize yourself with that institutions procedures.re; scheduling. You will make other mistakes ,we all have, recognize them and be accountable. Hey, have a great career . Marg,RN
  13. rudecat

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    This is management bullying and she has no grounds with to attack your nursing licence. I agree,gather all of your information and keep it for further reference or present it to her. Have union with you as she sounds a tad unsure of her position ?
  14. In my years of working in LTC I have observed the behavior of families . I feel there are three types: 1) the bullies , take care of my person or else 2) the ones that sweeten up the staff with cookies and 3) the always there to help. Being a RN supervisor I've had the opportunity to get to know these people and yes, many do have worries . Is this because they no longer trust ? Bad things happen yes family involvement is great but on a positive outlook .How can we as Nurses make families feel less worried and have faith in us ?
  15. I was referring to zcountrymommas story about the nurse who is involved in everything to do right. I said I understand.
  16. I'm sorry really