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  1. virgogirl

    Should I Chase My Pipe Dream or Give Up?

    I’ve applied to graduate school and in March I’ll find out if I’m accepted. If so, I’ll start in May and by the time I graduate I’ll be 61 ys old! I was on the fence for awhile but retirement isn’t in my future unless my mind or body gives out! I say go for it! Good luck!
  2. virgogirl

    Failed for Clinical-but no proof

    There was a girl in my BSN program whose grade fell below a B average in one class and they asked her to leave the program. She went before the board and jumped through all the hoops and she was accepted into the cohort behind mine. She was still friendly with some of the students from my cohort and she asked someone to critique a paper for her and they did...the instructor ran it through “turn it in” and she got dinged for plagiarism...game over! She then applied and got accepted into an LPN program with the hope of bridging to RN and was doing very well (she knew a lot from previous classes). A fellow student in that program reported she was cheating, and the woman who reported her said she threatened her and was afraid, once again this girl ended up getting kicked out. Now she is starting an ADN program...if things would have worked out in the first place she would’ve been working as a nurse for almost four years now! I applaud her tenacity, don’t know all the details but trying to be successful and get through nursing school is no joke! It could always be worse! Good luck!
  3. virgogirl

    Failed AANP twice and finally Passed 11/2018

    I got dizzy reading everything you did! Well done, congrats to you and your family!
  4. virgogirl

    Need Advice!

    Very thoughtful answer...thank you!
  5. virgogirl

    Need Advice!

    Thank you!
  6. virgogirl

    Need Advice!

    I've really been on the fence...I'm 58yrs old and have only had my BSN since 2015. I would really like to become a mental health nurse practitioner but I'm concerned about the cost and age discrimination. I really haven't seen age discrimination much in psych but perhaps as a nurse practitioner it might be different. I don't plan on retiring until I'm at least 70yrs old! I would appreciate some advice...thanks!
  7. virgogirl

    Jobs for older nurses

    I think travel nursing might be fun. If you're not tied down at home. I thought it would be a good way to scope out potential places to retire. If you own a place, you could offer it up as a rental and maybe the agency could place a couple of nurses there while you're away and you could make money that way too and you wouldn't have to leave your home vacant...also we had a 70 yr old travel nurse come to the psychiatric hospital that I work in and I'm sure they would hire her back!
  8. virgogirl

    What do you mean I'm not a REAL nurse?!?

    I call it the nursing food chain and it starts with trauma nurses on top ("real nurses") and it ends with nurses who work with the elderly...it's real! I've only been a nurse for a couple of years and felt the need to try for a hospital job and I went through an OR residency and was never treated so poorly, plus the patients are knocked out...I only lasted 6 months. Now I'm working as a psych nurse (geropsych & adult). I can't say I totally love it but my coworkers are much nicer and treat me well!
  9. virgogirl

    42 Years Old - Is it too late to become a nurse?

    That's 5 years of schooling (3 at CC and 2 at a private university). I live in an area where it's very competitive and difficult to get into nursing programs. I wanted to continue unempeded...I chose a school that I knew I could get into if I jumped through all the hoops and it worked! Many friends had to reapply over and over and it took a couple of years to get into school...some called me crazy but I got my BSN 2 years before they did. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...
  10. virgogirl

    42 Years Old - Is it too late to become a nurse?

    I started pre-reqs at 49 and graduated with a BSN at 54. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but so worth it. The bummer is the student loan debt ($64K 🙁). It's been tough to find my niche and 2 years in I'm still trying to figure it out. There are many types of nursing jobs I won't do, such as anything trauma related. My last job in the OR I was labeled "the adult learner" and it was clearly to steep of a learning curve for me and quite a toxic environment. Nursing is exhausting and affects one physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a culture of bullying in nursing that I also didn't know about until it was to late. Sometimes I wish I would have become an OT instead but I have faith I will find a place for myself in nursing, and I'm to old to get another degree in something completely different! Good Luck!
  11. virgogirl

    Failed my First Attempt, Completely Lost

    Get a book by Diana Rupert called NCLEX Alternative Format Questions. I thought this book was helpful with SATA etc... I did take Kaplan and passed on the first try. The whole method is based on using the decision tree, but honestly I was unable to apply it during the exam, however, it made perfect sense during the class? Anyway, I think it was the Kaplan study questions that helped me the most but I paid a pretty price for them. Best of luck to you! You will get it the second time for sure!

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