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    Failed for Clinical-but no proof

    There was a girl in my BSN program whose grade fell below a B average in one class and they asked her to leave the program. She went before the board and jumped through all the hoops and she was accepted into the cohort behind mine. She was still friendly with some of the students from my cohort and she asked someone to critique a paper for her and they did...the instructor ran it through “turn it in” and she got dinged for plagiarism...game over! She then applied and got accepted into an LPN program with the hope of bridging to RN and was doing very well (she knew a lot from previous classes). A fellow student in that program reported she was cheating, and the woman who reported her said she threatened her and was afraid, once again this girl ended up getting kicked out. Now she is starting an ADN program...if things would have worked out in the first place she would’ve been working as a nurse for almost four years now! I applaud her tenacity, don’t know all the details but trying to be successful and get through nursing school is no joke! It could always be worse! Good luck!