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I've really been on the fence...I'm 58yrs old and have only had my BSN since 2015. I would really like to become a mental health nurse practitioner but I'm concerned about the cost and age discrimination. I really haven't seen age discrimination much in psych but perhaps as a nurse practitioner it might be different. I don't plan on retiring until I'm at least 70yrs old! I would appreciate some advice...thanks!

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My problem , my age 69 yrs.....investment and returns does not requal good business sense...... but if I would be your age....I'd be on the fence and go for it

The cold, hard truth is that there are not a lot of practitioners their 70's. Maybe you'll be the exception, and maybe you won't be. Are you a gambler? That's what it may come down to.

I can't give you an answer. However, I can tell you how I concluded for myself at least it was not worth the trouble. Figure out the cost of the degree, figure out how much extra wages the advanced practice license would net-after taxes. That will give you an amortization schedule of sorts, "x" years until the loans are paid off. Factor in the increased workload and responsibility. Honestly look at your own health, consider the health of loved ones. Look at where you are as far as current debt, and how much you've put towards retirement. Loved one's finances as well if a setback for them would impact you.

Then make your choice with eyes open.

Very thoughtful answer...thank you!

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