Nurses Masquerading As Doctors (INSULTING)

  1. The growing shortage of medical doctors, which will be made much worse by health care reform, will mean more and more patients are cared for entirely by "nurse specialists" and nurse practitioners, instead of physicians. Nurses are lobbying for increased prescribing privileges and for the right to be addressed as "doctor" in health care settings.
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    What do you guys think about this idiot, and the ignorant nonsense he is blabbering over on fox news? Kind of insulting to those of us who have spent years pursuing advanced degrees such as CNP, and often save lives and clean up messes made by arrogant, egotistical physicians...
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  3. by   classicdame
    probably a lot of RNs who feel this way about LVNs and LVNs who feel this way about CNAs and CNA-----------

    I think there is a lot that nurses can do in the primary care section and nursing is under-utilized. But I agree that an MD is preferred in some instances. We just need to work as a team to figure out the boundaries.
  4. by   babyNP.
    I wouldn't take it too seriously because it's Fox news and probably is another way trying to demean the new healthcare laws in this country....

    Because any serious doctor would see the golden value of NPs in primary care, period. Docs in primary care are a dying race. Notice how he kept even saying "nurses" instead of NPs...maybe he's a resident?

    edit: He's in psychiatry. No WONDER he feels the competition my psych prof in nursing school who was an ARNP psych told me that their roles (doc/NP) in health care are very similar in psych.
  5. by   BearKat
    What DUMB***! I agree that people want to go to a doctor rather than a nurse sometimes. But the point he is trying to make about nurses are only nurses because they couldn't get into medical school, give me a break! Thats like asking a football player why he didn't want to become a basketball player. Doctors and nurses are two different respectable careers! I never have wanted to become a doctor, spend so many years in school and then have no life outside of my work! Very insulting to nurses, I wish this was a more recent article that would let you post comments or email him, because I have some words for him. There is plenty more in that article to comment on but I'm done typing.
  6. by   Turd Ferguson
    Quote from djaychris
    by dr. keith ablow
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    there's your explanation
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  7. by   babyNP.
    Hey guys, this article was written over a year ago right after the time that the health care bill was signed.
  8. by   kabooski
    Some valid points some bias

    but its true most can not hack the studying and harder courses; putting off having a family to dedicate your self for 8 to 12 years to be a MD.
    or the Cost for that matter.

    NP's can take a stair step approach and get "life" marriage, kids etc out of the way, plus you would be working ,so you can pay as you go. Something you will really struggle with doing while attending Medical School.

  9. by   Esme12
    Someone's feeling threatened......
  10. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Two entirely different health care models. They don't compare that easily.

    Had an MD from another country try to get an RN degree to carry him financially while he looked for residency locally. Couldn't hack it. Dropped out after the first semester. He wanted to use medical model instead of nursing process. Had a hard time coordinating care between disciplines, etc.

    (Also, it's Fox. They're all about getting people riled up about something or other. Also, this guy is a failed psychologist turned yellow journalist. No threat in my mind. Finally, we're not asking to be called doctor, we're getting PhD level nursing degrees.)
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  11. by   caliotter3
    There are advanced practice nurses I would prefer to see, rather than a doctor, and those that I would not, but that does not mean I agree with this article. It is not written in a professional manner and that is why I do not take it seriously.
  12. by   AgentBeast
    People that can't get into Veterinary School apply to Medical School. Logically then Vets must be smarter than MD's so we should all be seeing our Vets right along with our pets.
  13. by   JerseyBSN
    I prefer a Nurse Practitioner who has time to listen to my concerns than a doctor who simply wants to write me a prescription unconditionally.
  14. by   LegzRN
    Just another doc who's all butt hurt over the fact that I get paid $50 an hour, am not on call, don't have to answer the phone at all hours of the night on my days off, and have a life outside of my work.